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[World Premiere] OSCAL TIGER 12 Android13 MTK Helio G99 6.78” 120Hz 2.4K Display 24GB(12+12) 256GB 64MP 5000mAh Battery NFC

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Top-notch Performance, Super-clear & Ultra-fast Camera

Main Features:

CPU: MTK Helio G99, Octa core, 2*A76 2.2GHz + 6*A55 2.0GHz

OS: Android 13

Screen: 6.78 inch FHD+ IPS 1080*2460120Hz Display

RAM : 8GB(8GB+8GB expansion)  /  12GB (12GB+8GB expansion)

ROM: 128GB  +1TB expansion       /  256GB + 1TB expansion

Slot: Dual Nano SIM Card + TF card

Rear Camera: 64MP+0.3MP

Front Camera: 13MP

Battery : 5000mAh

Navigation support: GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo

Other Features : OTG, FM, NFC, Google Play,Fingerprint

WiFi Version: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac


GSM spec: 850/900/1800/1900

3G spec: WCDMA:B1/B8

LTE_FDD: FDD:B1/B3/B7/B8/B19/B20/B28A/B28B/B40

If you don't know whether our phone can be used in your country, please click here: About Network bands8.35mm Slim &198g Light

Couldn’t Be More Elegant and Slim

You'll be smitten with the Oscal TIGER 12 at the first glance-with flattened edgesfor easy grip and slim curving shape, it combines durability, comfort, and elegance.Hold it in your hand like an art piece, or display it on your desktop to highlight the whole area.

8.35mm   198g

Slim      Light Why Choose Oscal TIGER 12?

Entertainment Upgrades↑

Speed Upgrades↑

Camera Upgrades↑

Productivity Upgrades↑No.1  Entertainment Upgrades↑

2.4K 120Hz Screen for Unmatched Crisper Enjoyment6.78-inch FHD+ Display

Wider Screen, Closer World

Experience the world on a wider screen, and immerse yourself in exhilarating movies and heart-pounding gaming. Oscal TIGER 12’s incredibly lightweight design doesn't dim the brilliance of its screen. Instead, it offers a perfect 2.4K 120Hz visual feast that surpasses your imagination boundaries. Up to 120HzDynamic RefreshRate

More Fluid and SmootherAnimations

The significant jump from 60Hz to 120Hzis seamless for FPS battles, precise for graphic design, and ultra-responsive for racing games. With a 120Hz faster refresh rate, you can avoid any screen tearing, allowing your eyes to perceive motion onscreen more smoothly.All this is made possible by the Oscal TIGER 12.Smart-K Box Speaker

Dynamic Sound Enveloping Your Ears

Oscal TIGER 12 offers an innovative listening experience with robust, high-quality audio. If an immersive listening experience is what you seek, the Smart-K Box speaker provides a dynamic, room-filling sound. With its mega 5000mAh battery, you can enjoy endless musical entertainment on the go. 5000mAh Battery& 33W Fast Charging

100% in Just One Hour

Go from dawn to dusk and beyond with TIGER 12's 5000mAh mega battery. And if you do run low? You're back in the game in no time with 33W Fast Charging. Never pause, never wait, with TIGER 12 you're always on.No.2  Camera Upgrades↑

Super-clear & Ultra-fast 64MP Camera with Super PD13MP + 64MPSamsung® Cameras

The Best Images Without Any TricksRequired

Often feel that the photos you take look stiffand rigid? How can you capture eye-catching images that are always full of vitality and liveliness? Try out the ultra-fast, super-clear TIGER 12 equipped with 13+ 64MPcameras. Its unique Tetrapixel technology captures bright, vivid images every time. Meanwhile, the smart-ISO adjusts photos intelligently under different lighting conditions, ensuring every photo you take is rich in detail and color.Super PD Tech

Capture Fast-moving Objects Effortless

Super PD tech compares the phase detected at two different points in order to focus the subject.With Super PD’s higher contrast and rapid focusing, TIGER 12 allows you to capture decisive moments in any condition, vividly presenting every fleeting moment in the lens. Whether for rock climbing, skiing, or skydiving, every photo taken while exercising is sharp, in focus, and full of youthful energy.Google Smart Lens


TIGER 12's camera comes with Google Smart Lens, which includes scanning, recognition, and translation. Simply turn on the camera and scan what you want to know, the camera will respond quickly and solve your problem, bringing great convenience to your daily life.Smart-ISO Tech

Suitable for Every Environment

When using Oscal TIGER 12 to take photos, you don't need to be a photographer to perfectly balance your shots in any lighting condition, as the Smart-ISO technology will automatically select the optimal settings for you – In bright environments, TIGER 12 can increase sharpness while preventing oversaturatedimages; Even in low light, it can also clearly captureimages with incredible details.Advanced ArcSoft® 7.0 Algorithms

Boosted Photography Results by up to 15%


Results in a wide dynamic range, remarkable color fidelity, and stunning detail.Super Night

Delivers crisp nighttime photos with minimal noise and enhanced color quality.Portrait

Enjoy portraits that stand out with precise focus and a soft background blur that beautifully isolates you from any distractions behind you.Beauty

Snap naturally stunning, makeup-free group photos that are both eye-catching and finely tuned.Panorama

Capture breathtaking vistas with ease and unlock limitless possibilities for creative shots.2K 30fps Video Recording with Beauty Mode

Make a splash on social media with visually stunning vlogs and documentaries.

More to Enjoy


Unleash your creative potential and elevate your photography game with full control over camera settings, all thanks to the Pro Mode on TIGER 12.Mono

Feel the emotive nostalgia and rich textures that only monochromatic photos can offer, all thanks to TIGER 12's Mono Mode.

No.3  Speed Upgrades↑

Top-tier Multitasking Capability with 6nm Helio G99Octa-coreMediaTek Helio G99

Comparable to the 5G Chip

TIGER 12, equipped with the Helio G99 chip utilizing an efficient 6nm process, providesexceptional performance in CPU-intensive games while maintaining high energy efficiency to extend battery life. With the support of the powerful Arm Mali-G57, Oscal TIGER 12 can further accelerate graphics processing to maximize performance for daily tasks.HyperEngine 2.0 Lite Gaming Technologies

Resource Management Engine 2.0

An Intelligent Resource Management Engine of TIGER 12 ensures sustained performance and smoother gameplay that lasts longer.

Intelligent, Dynamic Management of CPU, GPU and Memory

Smoother performance in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay

High FPS power savings combine hardware and software enhancements to reduce the power consumption during high FPS gaming scenes, extending battery life without sacrificing the user experience.Call & Data Concurrency

Allows users to defer calls while in-game without the data connection dropping.12GB RAM + 12GB Expansion= Up to24GB RAM

Professional-level Image Processing  

Every instance of stutter and delay leaves you frustrated, and all your motivation goes down and down.However, with top-tier multitasking capabilities, lightning-fast app launching and smooth switching,TIGER 12, powered by up to 24GB RAM, ensures your peak work productivityand seamless online streaming, maintaining your motivation at its best.256GB ROM + Up to 1TB TFExpansion

StoreEverythingYou Want

Still frequently deleting your memorable photosjust to make space for downloading large-memory games? With Oscal TIGER12backed by256GB ROM and expandable up to 1TBTF card, work through storage worriesthoroughly. Bid farewell to the hassle of clearing space and welcome the freedom of unlimited downloads. 15,441mm2 Integrated Cooling System

Cooling Graphite & Thermal Gel

Immerse yourself in limitless gaming fun on TIGER 12 without worrying about overheating. Thanks to thisup to 15,441mm2unique cooling systemwith cooling graphite and thermal gel, TIGER 12ensures a smooth and delightful experience all the way.No.4  Productivity Upgrades↑

Seamless Operations with DokeOS 4.0 Based on Android 13

Fluency↑Personalized↑Convenience↑Privacy↑EasyShare App

Instant Sharing. Anywhere, Anytime.

With EasyShare App of TIGER 12, enjoy effortless, rapid file exchanges on-the-go. No network or Bluetooth? No problem. Share tunes, clips, or photos instantly, anytime, anywhere.Atomized Memory 2.0              

More Apps. More Possibilities

Atomized Memory 2.0 of TIGER 12 smartly allocates RAM, boosting performance and freeing up an extra 5-9% for other processes or more background apps.

5-9% More RAM Available↑Focus Computing

Focus On The Priorities

With TIGER 12, you've got the flexibility to tweak the CPU's punch. Go with "Performance Mode" for buttery smooth operations, or flip to "Battery Saver Mode" to save some juice when it counts.


Turbocharge Your App Performance

Harnessing F2FS and EROFS technologies, TIGER 12 excels in rapid data handling. F2FS increases app start-up velocity by 25%, while EROFS refines file access, boosting app load speeds from 20% to a staggering 300%.Smart Pre-Loading

A Step Ahead

Anticipating your app preferences, TIGER 12's intelligent Pre-Loading enhances start-up speeds by 23%.

Start-up Speed  23%↑Personalize. Play. Perfect.

Workspace App

Your Personalized Freedom Hub

Embrace your unique rhythm with the Workspace App. Seamlessly toggle between personal and work activities while safeguarding the privacy of your data. Experience the freedom to define your own path to productivity.Your Space. Your Style

Tailor the look of your control panel, lock screen interface, and icons using your favorite colors for a seamlessly styled personal space.Larger Folders

Bigger Folders. Quicker Choices

Organize your favorite apps effortlessly with Larger Folders on TIGER 12. Dive into a smoother and quicker app experience, accessing everything you love in a flash, without the clutter.Every Step, Every Burn, All Tracked.

With TIGER 12's Health app, effortlessly monitor your exercise details, from the steps you take and calories you burn to the time you dedicate to cycling, walking, or running. It's the perfect tool for those aiming to keep a close watch on their active lifestyle.Tap into Convenience, Everywhere, Every Time

Focus Mode

Focus on the moment

Cut out the noise and zone in on what truly matters. With TIGER 12's Focus Mode, you have five tailored settings at your fingertips, making it a breeze to mute those pesky alerts and calls. Hear it. See it. Understand it

Stream, play, or chat, and never miss a word. TIGER 12's Real-time Subtitle keeps you in sync with every sound, making foreign content effortlessly accessible and enjoyable.Eyes On. Screen On

Stay immersed in your content without interruptions. With Screen Attention, your screen stays lit as long as you're looking, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.Pure Gaming. Zero Distractions

Dive into lightning-fast reactions and smooth gaming on TIGER 12's game mode. Set it up so nothing gets in your way, block out unwanted notifications, and fully engage in every thrilling instant.Privacy First, Always

Set Privacy Boundaries

Share Smart. Stay Private

Seamlessly manage how your data is shared and used. Access all your privacy settings in one place and easily change permissions whenever you feel like it.Hassle-Free Privacy. Effortless Control

Navigate your personal data with ease using Privacy Dashboard. With all settings in one place, customize your privacy preferences quickly and securely at will.Other Highlights

Fingerprint & Face Unlock

Two Ways to Unlock Swiftly and Safely

Feel free to choose between fast fingerprint unlock or secure face unlockfor double protection to give you peace of mind.Multi-function NFC

Efficient, Versatile, Secure

Extremely Versatile NFC can be used for contactless payments, transit access, device pairing, ID authentication, and much more.

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