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Creating your own website

April 10th, 2020 Comments off

You may wander if creating your own website will be of any benefit. For that matter you can use Facebook or even free web hosts to create a platform to share it for the whole world online.

But remember there are several benefits of creating your own website with a professional webhost like Bluehost. The free options have many limitations which you don’t want to incur because they will not allow you to make the most of your website.

once you are determined to create your own site, you may want to go to Bluehost and then take the least option that would be sufficient for your site’s launch. You can upgrade as the need grows.

once you sign up for your package, they will give you a cpanel where you can create your own website. So there are several oprions of creating your website. One is html which is the oldest way of creating a website. The second one is WordPress which gives you the flexibility you want. There are also several thousands of free templates and plugins.

You may want to go with WordPress. The other is Joomla. This is similar to wordpress but IMHO it is lower than WP. So go with WordPress and install it from the cpanel they give you. Then go to your WordPress backoffice and customize as you wish it. You can get several videos on youtube if you need assistance.

Create your first post and you are good to go. Give it a title, body which is the article and then the tags which tell the search engines the topic of your article. If you want, add videos or images and click on post. This makes your post available online when people go to your domain. Then the search engines will index it and may send you visitors.

But to get the traffic/visitors from the search engines, you need to optimize your website for the search engines. SEO or search engines optimization is a huge subject which can not be covered with this post. It has to be accompanied with finding a blog link building service. You can get lots of free info online like from Youtube. Good luck in your journey with developing your site and making it worth reading.

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