Creating your website with Bluehost

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Websites are like real estates in the physical world. If you pay for your domain name, that name remains yours as long as it has not expired. No one could take it away from you unless otherwise you are doing some illegal stuff with it. So having a website has its own benefits. It can also be very useful in running businesses online.  Many businesses nowadays have a website which is a necessity. Once you set up your website about your company, anyone can visit your website and learn about different aspects of your business without going to the physical address or even without making a call. So having your own website is very useful.

Once we agree on the need to have a website the second thing we need to consider is where to buy your domain and hosting. To choose a company that will help us create our website, we need to have few guidelines. These guidelines would be something like this. The cost would be reasonable, the uptime 99% and support very nice. We may also consider the user friendliness aspect of the control panel and the availability of scripts.

According to the criteria we put earlier, Bluehost meets all of them. So we continue with Bluehost to buy our domain and hosting package. There are different packages within the shared package.  If we intend creating personal website, the basic package can be sufficient but if we intend to create a small company website, we may consider Plus and Prime packages which both have a feature of unlimited website space and also domain names. Since we can change during our renewal time, we may choose whichever package we think will suit us.

Now after we choose our Package by clicking on the select tab, we will get the interface that will allow us to choose our domain name. We fill in the domain name of our choice. If it is available, the system continues but if it is not available, it will tell us to choose another domain. We can search as much as we want until we find a domain that makes sense to us. Then it brings us to the “create your account” page where we fill in our basic infos like Name, email, country and telephone number. As we create our account, we add credit card info so we may be able to pay for the hosting package we buy.

So after all is done, we log into our Cpanel account to create our first website. If we are familiar with Cpanel in other hosting packges, we will know what to do to create our website. If we want to create html website, we first need to create it on our Pc with some software like Dreamweaver and upload it to the root directory. We can go to the file manager and upload the already finished html site to public html folder. After doing that the website is available online. Sometimes we have to wait for a couple of hours until it propagates to the servers around the globe. Otherwise it should be visible online shortly.

If we want to create our website with the most popular CMS which is WordPress, we will have no problem doing so because Bluehost has made installation of WordPress a snap. After we log into our cpanel, we click on the WordPress Icon  which is found in the website section.  We click on install WordPress and and we will get the option to install or import. Click on install. Then choose the domain you want WordPress installed. If you have only one domain then you have no option but to install WordPress on that domain. But if you have multiple domains, you have got to choose on which domain you want wordpress installed here. Then with one click the WordPress software will be installed on your site.

After that you do not need to log into Cpanel to post or edit an existing post. Just go to and fill in the username and password Bluehost automatically gave you when installing WordPress on your site. Then after logging in, creating a post with WordPress will be so easy because it has the most user friendly interface a CMS could ever have.  So get used to it by creating new posts even with images and videos.

One of the advantages of creating a website with Bluehost is it’s having a free domain and you can claim that as soon as you create your account with them. The other feature you may want to enjoy is the availability of promotional packages which will help start the balls rolling. This is important because only creating a website will do you no good because no visitor can get it as long as you are not promoting it to the world. With this promotional package, you can send your message to social medias or the search giant Google.  And so it will help you familiarize your site from the beginning.

One of the prominent advantages of Bluehost is having a live support. You will definitely need them especially if you are doing it on your own. So remember that support staff is at your finger tips whenever you need help. They can resolve any issue at the spot with live chat.

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