June 22nd, 2024

I have been trying to make money online for few years and to tell the truth it was like repeatedly bumping against a wall going nowhere. What I remember is that I was full of enthusiasm and hope that I will make it someway. I told friends and family that I’m going to make money online and lots of it. It is simply amazing to see that no one believes you. I told almost everybody I know about what I am trying to do. But almost everybody doesn’t even seem  to understand what I am talking about.

This was how I “discovered” that it was possible to make money online. By the way I am a techie guy. I have been trying to do things all by myself. I reinvented somethings like slide projector and a moving picture projector which I wrote about it here. And I always ask why things happen someway. If I have any invention in mind I even forget my meal. I try to solve that puzzle even in my bed! When I think it now I think it was a little extreme. Anyways I mentioned this just to show you that I always try to solve things with such kind of thinking. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail.

Back to my story about my discovery of internet business. Once I had a question in my mind “is it possible to make money online?” and I made search (don’t remember the exact keyword) and I found the website plugin profit site of Stone Evans where he tells his story about how he discovered the internet when searching for a source of income to save his family and he was only a restaurant worker. Then he goes on to say that he cracked the code in 24 months to make 10,000 Dollars a month. Wow I said. It is interesting. I immediately understood the potential the internet has to make someone big money. I read his sales letter twice and since there was a payment to join, I couldn’t afford that by then and just tried to find out more about the affiliate programs he was talking about. One of the affiliate programs was SFI and I joined it. I tried to advertise everywhere even in safelists and classified ads sites. I made a couple of referrals but couldn’t take the earnings as they require upgrading or some down-line structure that time. So I searched for other affiliate programs and joined some. After that I became the target of many offers here and there. I take one offer and try to advertise it. As I am doing that another offer or another money making system after another after another, it completely distracted me. I couldn’t stay focused and that rendered me with no money. I remember I even tried randomizers and HYIPs (high yield investment programs) In all that I only lost money. I may have made a couple of sales from the randomizers but it wasn’t going to take me anywhere.

Long story short, I realized that what I was missing was traffic in the thousands per day. I found out about this when reading Stephanie W. WoolFord’s ebook “1 step system success” she shows her stats on visitors and sales and say that you are required to have thousands of visitors if you are supposed to make significant money. Then I thought it was impossible. Because in all my effort I was getting 5-10 visitors per day. Then I was attracted by the idea of free search engines traffic and decided to give it a shot. I tried writing some articles on a random topic and published it on article sites. Those articles gave me some clicks but weren’t taking me any where either. Then as I read and learn from my failures, I finally got the idea about how a review article on new products can make me money. I sensed that this might work and decided to write articles on some launching Clickbank products. A big obstacle I have that time was making my article be indexed fast. Then I found out that articlesbase articles were indexed fast. Then that time I found one Clickbank product that was launching within a week. I wrote a review article and submitted it to articlesbase. After two days my article was approved and went live. When I checked it on Google, it was number one for that product name. I was excited but didn’t know what to expect because all that I tried before was total failure.

Few Earnings proof




Then after the product launched when I logged in my Clickbank account, I made two sales. I was extremely EXCITED. Then when I checked the next day I also made another two sales a total of 120 dollars in two days. It was a light at the end of a dark tunnel. It gave me some hope. Then I repeated the process for more products and I started making consistent money. After that I expanded my campaign to other article sites and websites and my sales increased. I am still learning working ways and trying to maximize my earnings.

Lately I released my own informaton product that explains how I am making money online. The methods I explain are the systems I myself make money with. And I intend to explore more ways and make use of them and show people the right way of making money online.

However, the best method is creating a website and generating targeted traffic because search engines send you highly targeted traffic and it converts. You can get the best training from select Youtube channels or if you have the money, you may also try this.

When I think how I Strove through all those failures, it is by mere perseverance. And I think God also helped me through all that. And unless you are rigid type of guy then it is really hard for you to stay in this game of internet business. But if you don’t give up and follow a working formula then you will succeed. But remember there is a learning curve. Wish you all the success.


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