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[World Premeire] HOTWAV W11 Rugged Phone 20800mAh 280LM Flashlight 6.6” FHD+ Smartphone 33W 24MP Night Vision Mobile Phone

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Operating System

Android 13

CPU Model

MT8788 Octa-Core



Memory Type

12GB(6+6) RAM+256GB ROM(Up To 2TB Expansion)



Front Camera


Rear Camera

64MP+24MP(Night Vision Camera)


6.6'' FHD+ 1080*2460

SIM Cards Inserting Mode

2*Nano / 1*Nano + 1*TF Card

Frequency (M5(3G)-A)

2G: B2/B3/B5/B8
3G: B1/B2/B5/B8
4G: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19


Fingerprint ID








Size & Weight

176.6mm*84.8mm*26.5mm; 563g

Standard Accessories



OTG Cable


Data Cable

3A Standard


33W EU Standard

Protective Film




HOTWAV W11 Rugged Phone

20800mAh Mega Battery, Up to 100-day Standby

20800mAh Mega Battery | Up to 12GB RAM+256GB ROM

280 Lumen Camping Light | 64MP Ultra Clear Main Camera

24MP Rear Night Camera

100 Days of Standby Time, Zero Downtime

HOTWAV W11 comes with a mega 20800mAh battery. You can say goodbye to low battery

freak-outs from now. Dive into the ultimate powered experience of smartphones today.

Let's Start The Long Journey

*based on laboratory testing and may vary in real-worldconditions

36 Hours of continuous Navigation

HOTWAV W11 will stay with your throughout all the long journeys.

28 Hours of Video chat or Live Stream

Stay connected, share the fun or anything you want with the world on the journey.

20 Hours of 1080PVideoRecording

Preserve all the wonderful moments, cherished memories and extraordinary encounters of the journey with W11.

80 Hours of Music playing(on The Loudspeaker)

When you feel like taking a pit stop and enjoying some music, just feel free to do it.

Don't need to worry about being out of power at all.

35 Hours of Video playing

Feeling very tired after traveling all day? How about grabbing a drink and enjoy and enjoy movie.

28 Hours of Game play

Hey, gamer! Don't need to suppress the itch worrying about the battery. You are in good hands with W11.

An Awesome Power bank:10 Watt Reverse charging

Power Everything Everywhere

HOTWAV W11 fully taps into its mega battery with the 10 Watt reverse charging technology that is 50% faster than the previous generations. Phones, consoles, bluetooth speaker etc just enjoy more freedom on more devices with W11's robust support.

It's the Fast charge Era

Power Everything Everywhere

It's 2024! Using smartphones without charging just feels like driving a car with a weak engine. W11 offers 33 Watt fast charge so that you don't need to wait all day for the massive 20800mAh battery to be fueled up.

Be Like a Pro in The Wilds, Super camping Light

HOTWAV W11 rocks super strong LED camping lighton the back with impressive intensity and brightness, offering up to 280 lumen. Its power is sustained by an ultra 20800mAh battery for prolonged usage. With around 510 lighting beads and  up to 6 watts of power, this LED light efficiently projects a beam over long distances. Additionally, it's built to endure wet or harsh conditions, boasting high water resistance and rugged durability against rough handling.

Truly Useful in The outdoors or The Wilds

Accidents can occur during outdoor or wilderness journeys. The W11 can really come in handy in such situations and save the day.

There's More in Life

In addition to serving as a camping light for outdoor adventures such as campsites hiking, and cycling, this versatile light can adapt to a wide range of scenarios.

64MP Sony Main Lens

HOTWAV W11 presents a 64MP high-performance Sony lens as the rear main camera to meet your needs of capturing all the beautiful views and wonderful moments on your outdoor journeys with striking clarity and vivid details.

New-Generation 24MP Night Vision Camera

Equipped with dual advanced IR sensors, HOTWAV W11 can deliver clear and detailed images even in complete darkness. Whether you're exploring caves or observing nocturnal creatures, the W11 is your trusted buddy.

16MP Samsung Front Camera

Suddenly feel like taking some selfies? Go ahead.

W11 offers a 16MP lens by Samsung on the front to produce high-quality images.

6.6'' FHD+ Ultra Clear Resolution

W11 still has a lot to offer. With a smooth resolution of 1080 x 2460 pixels, every image is clear as day.

Get comfy and enjoy your favorite movies and games with ease on this spacious screen.

Smooth And Steady MediaTek Power

The MediaTek MT8788 processor seamlessly integrates exceptional performance into yourdaily routine, effortlessly handing everyday tasks with efficiency and speed. From smooth multitasking to immersive entertainment, enjoy a superior user experiencethat enhances every moment of your digital life.

6GB+6GB of RAM | 256GB+2TB of ROM

Equipped with a maximum of 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, HOTWAV W11 offers the versatility, convenience and performance required to manage demanding multitasking, store media files, play games seamlessly, and deliver a fluid user experience.

Large storage space, excellent performance, wonderful experience.

HOTWAV W11 is there for you.

The HOTWAV W11 is equipped with a whopping 256GB of built-in storage to accommodate your impressive collection of hi-resolution videos, photos, and essential files. With the option to expand its storage capacity by utilizing a micro SD card, you can elevate your content library to extraordinary heights, granting you the ability to add up to a staggering 2TB of additional storage

Android 13.0 OS

W11 runs on Android 13 OS that offers advanced privacy controls, optimized performance, expanded customization options, enhanced security measures and improved user experience. With streamlined resource management and refined UIelements, it prioritizes privacy, speed, and simplicity, ensuring a safer, smoother and more personalized mobile experience for users.


HOTWAV W11 is fortified with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which provides exceptional scratch and impact resistance.

You can enjoy peace of mind at all times knowing your screen is safeguarded against rigors of tough usage.

Worry-free for Your Rugged Life

With lP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810, and designed to survive in harsh environments,

W11 is engineered to conquer the outdoor and demanding-environment as you wish!

Security: Face and Fingerprint Unlock

Swiftly and safely unlock W11 via either face ID or fingerprint ID. Enter the digital world without hassle.

Stay on Track: GPS+GLONASS+Galileo

HOTWAV W11 incorporates a triple navigation setup. It's a partner for exploring all the uncharted corners.

Stay Connected with 4G-LTE Global Network

Experience faster internet speeds and reliable connectivity with 4G-LTE support,

It can take one nano SIM card and aTF card at the same time or Two nano SIM cards.

Glove Mode

HOTWAV W11 particularly comes with the glove mode feature to enhance user comfort and usability.

Performance Optimization: DuraSpeed

The DuraSpeed feature on W11 can optimize overall device performance and

improve battery life by managing background processes and app activities.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi Experience on W11

Experience enhanced connectivity with W11's dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities, In addition to the conventional 2.4 GHz frequencies, W11 seamlessly supports 5 GHz connections.This means that when you find yourself in close proximity to a router or hot spot, the 5 GHz Wi-Fi option becomes available, delivering faster speeds and minimizing interferenceforan optimized online experience.

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