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Your First Commissions Review : yourfirstcommissions.com Scam or Legit?

January 17th, 2013

Your First Commissions has just been launched by Grayson Brookshire who is famous internet marketer already making big money online. Now this product as the name says it, is for newbies that want to make money online and do it consistently so they can replace their job if they want to. This product is a training program and a software tool that makes the process easy. The process needs a training and that is what you will get in the members area and the software is an automation tool that will do the job fast and automatically. As you will learn in due course of time, automation with software and duplication is the key to your success.

Home page of yourfirstcommissions.com

Your First Commissions is about creating a website that ranks higher in the search engines so that you can make money with the free traffic you get from the search engines. It is a proven fact that the search engines give us a high quality targeted traffic that converts on a good product. This is because the people arriving at your page are actually trying to find out more about the product or buy the product. So if you get hold of any product that truly drives search engines traffic you have got a winner.

This product gets traffic by creating websites with content on them automatically. The software that comes with this product creates the pages automatically once you set it up. This is fantastic but the downside of such systems is that the search engines do not favour such acts. In fact if they someway find out that your page is using some kind of automated software then your site can be penalized especially for duplicate content. And as far as I remember a software that creates a unique article has not been created to this point. Ya some claim that their software which they usually call them spinners create unique articles but if you do not attend to the creation of those articles, the articles created do not make sense when you read them.   And such kind of articles, the search engines detect them.

So my final idea on this is that it can create those stunning websites but I am afraid that it cannot drive the traffic you want it to due to duplicate content.  If you think you can drive traffic other ways, then this can work for you. Otherwise it will not do you any good. Instead you may look for other products that has worked for people like this one. But remember that first it will take some time before you see results like 3-4 weeks and there may need to pay for some services like domain and hosting.

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