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Use Facebook Group Poster Script to promote your business

December 22nd, 2014

facebooklikeNo online marketer denies the power of Facebook when it comes to promoting a business opportunity. The social connection and the potential for going viral is huge. So, you are thinking of getting a Facebook group poster script that can automate your promotion. It is a good start, but make sure you know what is ahead of you. There are few things you should be aware before jumping in the trade and stumbling upon the traps and dangers.

The first thing you should be well aware is the odds that are against your plan. You think Facebook will be very happy about your blasts of business opportunity ads? The answer is a clear no. What about all the administrators of different Facebook groups, will they be happy to get your ads posted indiscriminately? No, they established the groups so that they can benefit from them. Of course, there are heaps of groups that allow you to post your ads, but make sure you read their “Fair Play” policies.

The other plain truth is that everyone coming to those Facebook groups is more interested to advertise his/her own business. You can’t expect to get a huge response unless your ad is so appealing. Make sure you use a carefully designed ad with pictures and videos that can stand out from the crowd.

Having said those, let us see which options you have to use a Facebook group poster script to do the job.

facebook group poster script

Self Hosted Facebook Group Poster script

This is an option when you want to have a total control on your advertising and Facebook group posting. You buy a script and install it on your server, under your domain. Then you start joining groups and get approvals. When you join a number of Facebook groups and are satisfied about the potential number of impressions you get for your posts, then start using the script to blast your ads. This works well as long as you are making sure you are not blasting ads none-stop. Facebook sooner or later will get your activity unacceptable and will do the inevitable. They will block your account. Best practice is to blast few ads at a time, to a selected few groups.

Facebook Group poster services

These are services that can blast your ads to different groups for a fee. You can get lots of them online and they are at times cheap. They are not that risky to your account because they are using “Theirs”. We don’t actually worry which account they are using as long as our ads are posted on Facebook groups.

So, the choice is yours. Which ever advertising model you want to use, know that there is no such thing as “Easy Success” as some odds are working against your plan. If you create your own Facebook group and manage to get a responsive members, there is a potential to get great success.


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