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Sales Funnels Increase Your Sales – Good Practices

November 17th, 2012

As an internet marketer, we must have heard about sales funnels and if we buy some products we must have seen the funnels ourselves. Sales funnels are important part to increasing your sales volume. The funnels are set up by the product owner as he thinks is feasible or more profitable. For example he may do something like an optin form in his sales page. As visitors optin to his newsletter, that visitor can be redirected to some kind of product or his own product and if he buys it, there may come an upsell of that product which is mostly related to the main product. If he refuses to buy the upsell then there comes a downsell which basically is a reduced price or discount of the upsell. There can also be backend products you promote in their email after they optin to your newsletter.

Sales funnels are common these days. We almost do not see any product that sales a single product without any upsell or one time offer or an upgrade. The idea is to increase sales volume from the same amount of visitors. But truly speaking I think it is being overdone and it is loosing its effectiveness as it was before. I myself am fed up of upsells and then downsells and cross sells. It is just a little over these days. Don’t you think it irritates you to find out the price of a product to be 37 dollars and as you purchase, a load of upsells and downsells before you even download your purchase. I don’t think anyone is comfortable with that.

But if done right, it is profitable and not irritating to the end customer. Some genuine marketers even tell you if there is an upgrade for the product you buy before you pay for it. If it is a one upgrade I think it is fine or even two upsells can be fine. With a reasonable addition of value people can be okay to pay that but when it is a load of upsells, that can not be fine.

I would like to add one tool almost every product owner is using to increase his sales and it works. It is exit splash. Whenever a visitor tries to leave your page and clicks the close button in the browser, a popup window opens and displays a discount or an optin form. This truly increases sales but even this is done wrongly sometimes. As we discussed the irritating upsells and downsells, then this too can become irritating when done above normal. Some product pages will never let go of a visitor and present offer after offer with a pop up. I believe it is okay if you may do it 2 times i.e 2 pop ups. But imagine how annoying it will be if you encounter 5 pop ups as you try to leave the page you are visiting? I leave this to your own judgment to see how many pop ups is okay with you and possibly with other people.

In general we can increase our sales using these strategies but we have to consider the feelings of our customers or our website visitors. And we can find for ourselves the best practices of doing this. Or we can learn from other experienced marketers their insight on this and implement them testing and seeing the results. We can even ask our visitors their opinion and collect polls to find out what is the best practice.

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