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Making Money Online My Way

October 30th, 2012

The thought of making money online is really interesting. I was hooked the moment I saw this great opportunity. Working only when you want, time freedom and financial freedom are some of the benefits of making money online. Besides the thought of working from anywhere in the whole world got my attention and am still digging deeper in it.

As it is common with newbie’s, I thought I can make it happen in a few weeks. But as time goes on I almost despaired because it was not happening. It became so tough making even a single sale. I tried the best I could but it was not happening. The first system I tried was MLM. I was introduced to it by the first ever person I found about internet marketing – Stone Evans. His story initiated me and I felt as if I could make that happen in a few days or weeks. I joined SFI (Six Figure Income) as recommended by him and I also joined other affiliate programs. I tried hard promoting in classified sites, article sites … what I remember is that I got some 3 referrals in SFI and as I was asked to upgrade to get the commission, I couldn’t do it for lack of money.

Then I tried randomizers where you just sign up with a fixed fee and the system itself randomly pays members. By chance I got one payment and none other than that. Then I left that and went to HYIP – high yield investment programs. It got my attention because you are only required to invest some money and the money grows in some rate and you can withdraw it when you want it. Well I tried with a couple of 10 dollars. I was not paid – I lost. I tried similar program but that asks you to view ads everyday. I was paid here with a few returns. I am amazed to see that these programs are still operating. It may have worked for some people but this is why they do not work I think, People joining the programs are there to earn themselves. And when they see that they could not earn, they are not satisfied customers and if there is a chance, they want to refund but there is no such option and they will eventually discontinue as there is no profit for them. The same is true with MLM programs. The only ones benefiting are the up lines.

After struggling for three years, I came to study how it is possible to win in this game and I found out that many people are talking about writing review articles about some products as making them money. Then I made up my mind to try it. I wrote review articles about some products and I couldn’t rank the articles I write in the search engines. Then I found out a way of ranking them in the first page. After that I begin seeing some sales. Hooray I continued what I was doing and I increased my sales. Here is the details of how I make money online- it is free. Now that I would like to admit that the competition is tough. I am doing that even now and the competition has grown like 3 times. But I also made use of my own site and list building. I am now growing my online business and I believe I will soon break even. When I do I will report here.

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