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List Academy Review : ListAcademy.com Scam?

July 20th, 2015


Anik Singal, a long time successful internet marketer and entrepreneur has just launched the most awaited product ever called List Academy. We all heard that the money is in the list from the day we joined the online marketing industry and it is true. The problem is very few people know how to develop a lasting relationship and create a stable income from their list. He is going to change that for the better for good! I read in the forums that some people have thousands of subscribers but really are not making any money as compared to the gurus out there. What could be the reason? There sure is the missing link that will help anyone get into the riches of email marketing. It is also one of the most lucrative and rewarding marketing channel internet marketers should utilize.

The product deals with all the ingredients of list building and marketing. First you should see the benefits of email marketing – how much your subscribers are worth. It is said every subscriber is worth a dollar. But we will see how we can change that to a bigger number with a simple formula. Then we will learn how we drive traffic to landing pages. There are two areas we should see here in detail. The first one is free traffic method and the second one is paid traffic. Where exactly should you go to generate free traffic? What activities should you be doing to generate highly targeted subscribers? We will see all this in detail. How about paid traffic? It doesn’t mean you can get high quality subscribers only if you have the money to push traffic to your funnels. You should learn the details of driving high quality traffic and then how to make them like you. Because once they develop some kind of relationship with you, they will be glad to check your email you will send them and your open rates will skyrocket.

Then we should see how a sale is made through email. The art of selling in email marketing or any other marketing involves preselling. You know visitors are not likely to buy when they first see your ad. They will just see it as a general info and then subscribe to your list if they are convinced to do so. But most often than not a sale is not made right away. So in email marketing, we should learn the art of preselling a subscriber so he/she takes action after the preselling process. We will see exactly what we should be doing there. We will also learn what gifts we should prepare to our market prospects. If we are supposed to break records in adding subscribers to our list, we should prepare a gift to our subscribers with the most value. We are going to learn how to prepare such kinds of gifts and then we will also learn how to make our offers irresistible. We have to understand that we need irresistible offers to make it big online because customers find it hard to ignore it.

There are also some other ingredients to email marketing we should learn like story telling and timing of email blasting. Marketers agree that telling a story that somehow convince the subscriber into buying your product is one of the best techniques to increase sales. It also strengthens the link with you. We will also see the timing of sending email. What are the best dates to send email? How about the time of the day? This all matters in your email marketing though it seems insignificant. We should learn all the details and start implementing what we learn in our own campaigns. Then we will start seeing satisfying results.

In general List Academy has the latest techniques and tips that works today and we can be sure that having the person that is doing it on our side like Anik Singal can make all the difference in our efforts. The more we keep on doing it, we will become experts at it and we can do things on our own. We can tap markets we thought were hard or even unresponsive. The potential is unlimited. Getting everything together and with the tools we get as a members of List Academy, we can be sure the future is brighter than ever and that success is closer than we think it is. Find out more about LISTACADEMY.COM HERE.


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