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How to embed youtube video in your word press blog without plugins.

October 1st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was initiated to write this article when I tried to embed a YouTube video in my blog and it took me 2 hours to figure out how. I read some articles but those articles were not very clear for me at least. Then after watching the buttons carefully, I finally accomplished the task. And this is how I did it without the help of any software or WP plugins.

First login to your WordPress site and click on POST or PAGES depending on where you want to embed YouTube video. Then click on EDIT which you will get near the title of the article. EDIT and other hyperlinks are not visible normally. You will see them only when you hover the cursor around the title. The other way to find the edit button is to click on the title and you will get it in the right hand corner of the article.

Now after you click on EDIT, leave that for a moment and go to youtube.com and open the video you want. Click on SHARE button. After that click on EMBED. When you click on share, it will give you the videos URL but that is not what we want here. You have to click on EMBED so you can get the embedding html code. See the picture below.



Copy the html code you see below the EMBED button and go to the WordPress post you opened earlier. Now click on HTML tab as you see in the picture below. And when the page opens, Click in a place in the body of the article you want that YouTube video to appear. Here you may want to place the video giving it a gap between the lines of articles. To do this, click at the end of a paragraph and as the cursor blinks  hit the ENTER key in your keyboard. This will give space for the video to appear in a good position in the article. Then right click on the blinking cursor and paste the code you copied from youtube.com.


After that click on UPDATE. That is it. After you click on update, you may want to check the post if you did everything right. To check the page you can click on VIEW which appears just above the article when you POST or UPDATE any article. If you are not satisfied with the position of the video make corrections in the body of the article as we discussed it earlier.

I hope this helps some who find it a little confusing to embed video in WordPress blog. If this helps you then leave comment please. Thanks.

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    Thanks for writing such an easy-to-udnretsand article on this topic.