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How to create banners from web pages using microsoft paint

November 20th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes you may want to promote some product but you couldn’t get the banner or there is no banner presented by the vendor. Then this is what I usually do. I open the page in internet explorer or firefox. Then I will press the print screen key in the keyboard. Or if it is in a laptop, you may need to press two keys like the key Fn plus another. The print screen key will copy the visible part of the page. Then open paint in Microsoft which is found at All programs >> accessories >> paint. And paste it there by right clicking in the empty space within the paint interface and click on paste from the drop down menu. Or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + v to paste in the empty space. 

After you paste it, click on the selection tab and select the visually interesting area by left clicking and dragging. After you select the area you want, right click on it and click on Cut from the drop down menu. Then go to file and click on new. It may ask you to save your previous work but ignore that. After the new window opens, make the empty white area as small as possible by holding the left click and dragging at the corners. Then right click on the minimized white space and click on paste. There you have your banner.

What we need to remember is that when selecting the visually interesting area, is that we need to approximate the pixel or ideal banners like 640X480…

This is the very system I use to get banners when one product do not have one. If they have, then nice. But if they do not have you may use what is outlined here to create a simple banner. Best wishes in life.

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