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Gnucash Review | gnu cash Accounting software

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gnucash.org is a software tool that is very helpful in managing bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. You can pretty much relate it to a checkbook register. It is designed based on professional accounting principles to manage your finances accurately.

Such a tool is highly essential because if you are managing a large sum of money, it is so easy to loose control and end up in a mess quickly. So the earlier the better. This software that you get at gnucash.org is totally free. But if you think of something a little attractive and advanced, Check out the software at gnucash.co.cc

Features of the software:

•             Double-Entry Accounting

•             Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Accounts

•             Small-Business Accounting

•             Reports, Graphs

•             QIF/OFX/HBCI Import, Transaction Matching

•             Scheduled Transactions

•             Financial Calculations

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