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First payment of different affiliate networks

January 27th, 2016

I was expecting my 1st payment as soon as I reach threshold but when I see it, it was scheduled for after a month. Now that motivated me to write about affiliate companies payment schedule as I work with many of them. Yes when you are eager to receive payment and when it lags or when it is not as your expectation, that creates some inconvenience and it should be addressed.

I remember the earnings I had in sharecash.org were delivered to my Payoneer account the moment it passed threshold of $25 meaning the 1st day of the next month. For eg if you have $530 in your Sharecash acct by the end of Jan 31st, you will receive payment on the 1st of Feb even if it is your 1st payment. That was my experience with Sharecash.

With respect to Cpagrip.com, you have to wait a month before a payment is issued. You will receive your 1st payment on the 1st of the next month.

Clickbank has a little different system. You have to make at least 5 sales with 5 different Credit cards before you receive your 1st payment. Meaning even though a buyer buys 5 products with the same Credit card, it will only count as 1 purchase. And you have to refer another 4 buyers before you are eligible for payment.

The other unique feature of Clickbank is that it will deduct from your earnings if you stop making any money for some time. This is also true with Clicksure.com. But Clickbetter.com even though it requies 5 unique purchases as Clickbank for the first payment, it will not deduct from your earnings though you stop making money. Clickbetter and Clicksure have most of Forex and binary options products with high payouts but some people cinsider them as scamy products.

Bluehost pays after 45 days of your sale. They pay $65 for every sale you refer but your referal has to stay with them for at least 90 days for it to become a legit earning. Most hosting companies have similar terms for their payment rules.

Amazon pays after a month after your earnings pass threshold. It will continue doing that for the rest of your payments. I confess that Amazon has the best affiliate program as the products are mostly physical and have very low refund rates. Though some complain of low commission rate of upto 10%.

Remember that I wrote about 1st payments but the rest of payments is different for each company. Some pay monthly, bi monthly and weekly. Also some vendors have specific type of payments different from other vendors. Note also that some vedors have bonus payments.

The unique feature of Peerfly is that you can ask for payout any time. But the shorter the time of payment the more money will be deducted from your earnings. That way Peerfly has a very nice cash flow system.

I tried to touch on my experience with regard to first payments of different affiliate programs but you can find info in the affiliate terms of service of each company. Though I admit that it is a bit longer.

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