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Commission Shops Review

commissionshops.com has just been launched by Josh Vacek & Tom Geller.

It is a product that helps affiliates to make money online. Commission shops is about creating quality review pages on products from Amazon and Clickbank. It has a software tool that will automate the process to make it easy. This is how the software does the job, It first chooses products that are converting high both In Amazon and Clickbank. After that it builds the site by getting articles that are related to the product you want to promote.  At this stage the content is made unique to avoid the duplicate content penalty.

Then the software builds back links automatically which boosts the page’s rank remarkably. It also creates internal linking to pages and posts. This product comes with an impressive theme that will increase sales. The creator of this product has made domain name and hosting available for free for the buyers of this product.

Amazon is in the top 10 of websites all over the world which means it is getting many of the search engines traffic. People also trust the brand Amazon and they are not afraid thinking if they loose their money.  Another positive thing about Amazon is that the people buying something there tend to buy multiple items as the system promotes other products seamlessly.

Now that we learned what Commission Shops is all about. But the real question is “does it work?” This will only be known after trying it for some weeks or months. The product has the ingredients to make money online but one of the reasons people fail to succeed is their not following the instructions completely.  Find out more from the homepage of commissionshops.com.

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