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Important features to look for in a webhost

June 19th, 2016 Comments off

Since the introduction of internet and World Wide Web it has become a vital part for the companies to make sure that they are present online and spread a top class image all across the globe. There are a few features that need to be considered if you want to make sure that you have chosen the perfect webhost for your website.

Most people are unaware about the major features of a website host. It is important that people should get to know about the major features that matter the most. Thus we have collected some of the most important features that will surely help you to buying webhosting services.

  1. Storage Space

There are numerous companies in the market that offer unlimited storage space just to attract customers but actually if you go through their Terms and Conditions then you will get to know that actually the unlimited storage space is not unlimited. Thus it is important that you try to work with webhosts that set clear specifications just like Bluehost. Bluehost has become more popular all over the world because they aim to deliver what they say.

  1. The Bandwidth webhost offers

Bandwidth is another important feature that companies should look for while deciding their webhost. Before moving on we should make sure that all readers know what actually bandwidth means and what purpose it serves. Bandwidth is the name given to a measurement that calculates the total amount of data provided to the customers to download and upload. Let’s assume a situation in which your webhosts provide you 10MB of total bandwidth. You use 1MB to upload your personal files then your customers will be left with just 9MB of storage. If your download limit exceeds then your webhost will not allow any more visitors or it will charge you pre MB consumed. Some companies claim that they will provide unlimited bandwidth but before trusting them you need to make sure what the actual limit is. Bluehost is clear about its features and provides attractive packages for its customers. Bluehost ensures that it provides healthy amount of bandwidth so that their customers do not suffer because of them. The websites that have a high amount of traffic would need a high amount of bandwidth thus it is important for the companies to determine how much bandwidth they would require for their website.

  1. Email Accounts as an added feature

Almost all of the webhosts provide email accounts as an additional feature with the webhosting services. Having customised email accounts is extremely important for a better image of the company online. But before getting into their additional offer you need to make sure of the fact that they have webmail interface that allows you to send and receive emails without any difficulty. You can even make sure of the fact that they provide you the facility of integration with Google Apps. Moreover you also need to make sure that the webhost provide you email services via IMAP, or do they offer POP as well.

  1. Database at the backend

It is extremely important for you to make sure that the webhost you are choosing for your website offers services of a database. If you desire to have a dynamic website then it is important for you to have a database at the backend. Most of the webhosts nowadays offer MySQL but you need to opt for the database. The webhosts that do not mention about database usually do not offer its services. Thus it is important to check for it because if you want to have a dynamic website and make your online presence count then you need to make sure that your webhost provides you the option of database.

  1. Shell access

The companies that are a little bit more advance you need to look for shell access. Most of the people might not know about shell access thus it is our duty to first introduce this term. Shell access provides access to the server through command line over SSH. This feature will allow you to securely copy files up and down, change the permissions for a group of files and folders quickly and easily. It even provides you the control that you require from a webhost. It is extremely important to have this particular feature in your bucket so that you could maintain a smooth relation with your webhost.

  1. .htaccess files

Before moving on to declare it one of the most important feature of a website host it is important to let you know what this is. It is a file that is created by the Apache server and it has the ability to protect directories, re-write URLs, redirect pages, and more. It is extremely important for you to have access to your own .hatches file as this way your website will be a lot more secure.

  1. Language Support

The most important of all is that your webhost provides you the language support. Let’s understand this factor with help of an example. If you want to develop your website on .Net while your webhost provides support only to PHP then you might have to changeover each and everything. Always make sure that your webhost offers support in the maximum languages. Bluehost is one hosting company that supports most types of languages and provides some exceptional services to its customers.

  1. Site Backup

Although this feature is mentioned right at the last spot but it is extremely important because you don’t want to lose your all data just because your webhost doesn’t provides backup services. Just make sure that if your webhost doesn’t provides backup services then you need to make sure that you backup all your files regularly because your data is valuable.

First payment of different affiliate networks

January 27th, 2016 Comments off

I was expecting my 1st payment as soon as I reach threshold but when I see it, it was scheduled for after a month. Now that motivated me to write about affiliate companies payment schedule as I work with many of them. Yes when you are eager to receive payment and when it lags or when it is not as your expectation, that creates some inconvenience and it should be addressed.

I remember the earnings I had in were delivered to my Payoneer account the moment it passed threshold of $25 meaning the 1st day of the next month. For eg if you have $530 in your Sharecash acct by the end of Jan 31st, you will receive payment on the 1st of Feb even if it is your 1st payment. That was my experience with Sharecash.

With respect to, you have to wait a month before a payment is issued. You will receive your 1st payment on the 1st of the next month.

Clickbank has a little different system. You have to make at least 5 sales with 5 different Credit cards before you receive your 1st payment. Meaning even though a buyer buys 5 products with the same Credit card, it will only count as 1 purchase. And you have to refer another 4 buyers before you are eligible for payment.

The other unique feature of Clickbank is that it will deduct from your earnings if you stop making any money for some time. This is also true with But even though it requies 5 unique purchases as Clickbank for the first payment, it will not deduct from your earnings though you stop making money. Clickbetter and Clicksure have most of Forex and binary options products with high payouts but some people cinsider them as scamy products.

Bluehost pays after 45 days of your sale. They pay $65 for every sale you refer but your referal has to stay with them for at least 90 days for it to become a legit earning. Most hosting companies have similar terms for their payment rules.

Amazon pays after a month after your earnings pass threshold. It will continue doing that for the rest of your payments. I confess that Amazon has the best affiliate program as the products are mostly physical and have very low refund rates. Though some complain of low commission rate of upto 10%.

Remember that I wrote about 1st payments but the rest of payments is different for each company. Some pay monthly, bi monthly and weekly. Also some vendors have specific type of payments different from other vendors. Note also that some vedors have bonus payments.

The unique feature of Peerfly is that you can ask for payout any time. But the shorter the time of payment the more money will be deducted from your earnings. That way Peerfly has a very nice cash flow system.

I tried to touch on my experience with regard to first payments of different affiliate programs but you can find info in the affiliate terms of service of each company. Though I admit that it is a bit longer.

How To Be An Expert Persuader

September 18th, 2014 Comments off

How To Be An Expert Persuader in 20 days


how to be an expert persuaderDo you realize that there is ONE skill valued above all others? It is How To Be An Expert Persuader and it can get you almost ANYTHING you desire when applied properly. It’s the skill of persuasion and influence, and it’s a skill ANYONE can master. If you take a close look at super-successful people, you’ll find that almost every one of them is a master of persuasion. Think about this, by tapping into the power of persuasion, you can influence almost anyone to help you with your own success. You can even make them think they’re getting the better end of the deal…

When you master the skill of persuasion, you can…

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–Have magnetic charisma…

–Get what you want.

And learning how to be a master of persuasion isn’t difficult. Thanks to former “loser” Michael Lee, you can become an Expert Persuader in just 20 days! Michael Lee was shunned by everyone he knew for being a loser. Even his parents thought he was destined to be a failure. Fed up with his life, Michael set out to learn everything he could about persuasion and influencing others.

He spent years studying and trying everything he could get his hands on. He even designed his own techniques of persuasion… that’s how desperate he was! Now he’s incredibly successful in business, career, relationships, social life and love life!

A complete turn around, start persuading people like the pros!

Look, I know you’re not a loser. If you were, you wouldn’t even be reading this. But no matter where you are in life, you can GREATLY benefit from becoming an Expert Persuader. Even if you only used it for better relationships, or to make more money, or to have lots of friends, it would be well worth the small amount of time it takes to master.

And just imagine what can happen if you apply your Expert Persuasion skills to ALL facets of your life. You’ll become unstoppable!

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Making Money Online My Way

October 30th, 2012 Comments off

The thought of making money online is really interesting. I was hooked the moment I saw this great opportunity. Working only when you want, time freedom and financial freedom are some of the benefits of making money online. Besides the thought of working from anywhere in the whole world got my attention and am still digging deeper in it.

As it is common with newbie’s, I thought I can make it happen in a few weeks. But as time goes on I almost despaired because it was not happening. It became so tough making even a single sale. I tried the best I could but it was not happening. The first system I tried was MLM. I was introduced to it by the first ever person I found about internet marketing – Stone Evans. His story initiated me and I felt as if I could make that happen in a few days or weeks. I joined SFI (Six Figure Income) as recommended by him and I also joined other affiliate programs. I tried hard promoting in classified sites, article sites … what I remember is that I got some 3 referrals in SFI and as I was asked to upgrade to get the commission, I couldn’t do it for lack of money.

Then I tried randomizers where you just sign up with a fixed fee and the system itself randomly pays members. By chance I got one payment and none other than that. Then I left that and went to HYIP – high yield investment programs. It got my attention because you are only required to invest some money and the money grows in some rate and you can withdraw it when you want it. Well I tried with a couple of 10 dollars. I was not paid – I lost. I tried similar program but that asks you to view ads everyday. I was paid here with a few returns. I am amazed to see that these programs are still operating. It may have worked for some people but this is why they do not work I think, People joining the programs are there to earn themselves. And when they see that they could not earn, they are not satisfied customers and if there is a chance, they want to refund but there is no such option and they will eventually discontinue as there is no profit for them. The same is true with MLM programs. The only ones benefiting are the up lines.

After struggling for three years, I came to study how it is possible to win in this game and I found out that many people are talking about writing review articles about some products as making them money. Then I made up my mind to try it. I wrote review articles about some products and I couldn’t rank the articles I write in the search engines. Then I found out a way of ranking them in the first page. After that I begin seeing some sales. Hooray I continued what I was doing and I increased my sales. Here is the details of how I make money online- it is free. Now that I would like to admit that the competition is tough. I am doing that even now and the competition has grown like 3 times. But I also made use of my own site and list building. I am now growing my online business and I believe I will soon break even. When I do I will report here.