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Biggest CPA offer ever! Please read below!

May 27th, 2012 No comments

Before being judgmental,  please read what this is all about. Now the product is IMlobby by Anik Singal and he is releasing this money making product with a CPA model. This is how. You promote his offer and for every 1 dollar trial sign up, he is going to pay you 55 dollars. This is what makes it interesting! There is no waiting period for your commission to arrive as it used to. You get people to sign up for the 1 dollar trial offer and Anik sends you the commissions within 7 days.

The product is a money making website creation tool like nothing you saw before. Of course there are a number of website builders but what makes this unique is that it builds the pages so fast and gets them in Google’s first page for some keywords. This I guess is something every affiliate marketer wants and I believe it will make a difference in their marketing efforts. This is the single challenging part of internet marketing – driving SEO traffic. And this IM lobby tool makes easy SEO traffic a reality.

So if you have a list or if you want to promote this offer signup by clicking HERE. You will get all the promotional materials inside the back office. Let’s make some money guys!

However if you want to take advantage of this product, you may click here. As said earlier, the principle of seo traffic is known. Basically there are three things required. A website optimized for the search engines, a unique content (articles) and credible backlinks. If you can get these things in your website, then you can surely get SEO traffic. The problem is no one has the time to write these unique articles, and no one can build these powerful backlinks on his own. You can let some people do this for you which means it can cost you money. Of course you can make these things happen if you can pay for them.

Here comes IMlobby. It gives you both unique articles and an optimized page. IM lobby will not bother about backlinks because it gets you traffic for keywords that are less competitive and so your page can rank for those keywords without the need for backlinks. Anik has shown in a live webinar that his sites ranked in the first page of Google. check the webinar here.

One little SEO tip for beginners.

November 22nd, 2011 No comments

Search engines optimization (SEO) is essential to increase the free traffic you will get from the search engines. But most of the time getting traffic from the search engines is really tough due to fierce competition. And it asks you to do lots of things to your site if your site is supposed to rank for some relevant keywords. There are companies that do only this for other sites and they ask a lot of money for their service. If it works then no problem paying the fee because at the end of the day your site if going to get free search engines traffic. But the problem is that the search engines change their ranking algorithm many times in a year and there can be no company that gives you the guarantee that your site remains in the top no matter what. 

No I do not want to give any other method of optimizations. In fact no optimization is needed to get traffic from the search engines in the idea I will give you here. Simple. Just watch what sites rank higher in the search engines for some keywords. Then if one or some of those sites accept articles, then write a keyword rich article and submit it. You shall have a 1st page ranking article. The principle is simple I think. Those pages are not in the top for no reason. They in the top because they are highly optimized for the search engines. So if you submit your article on such sites (i.e if they accept article) then your article will also appear first page. Now not everything is 100% accurate or guaranteed but this is what I watched and I used. 

Let me try to illustrate this. Say if you make search with the keyword “fast cash commissions review”, then you will see search results from, and as of this article’s writing. Then when you want to promote any product, write review article and submit to one or all of these article directories. Most of the time you do not need backlinks, if you think you need backlinks, just bookmark the article’s URL in social bookmarking sites. That is all needed. That will drive free traffic to your pages. 

I just gave an example but keep in mind that there are a number of sites that rank high and accept articles. So whenever you check out keywords, keep in mind to look for such sites and when you get them, save their url’s in notepad or bookmark them for later use. That’s all guys.

How to find affiliate URL for any product without signing up.

November 4th, 2011 1 comment

There are many affiliate programs online and many of them require you to signup for their affiliate program while you are not required by the payment processor like CLICKBANK. They enforce you to signup to their affiliate program by not giving you the actual affiliate URL or the Vendor id. If you manage to find out the vendor ID then you can construct the URL easily. Because the url for any Clickbank product is:

Now if the vendor will not give you the affiliate URL then you are required to signup to get your advertising URL. Signing up is not a bad thing but what I hate is that from that day on your email account will be swarmed with promotional emails. The more affiliate products you sign up for the more emails start to fill your email account. This is frustrating.

The solution I am giving here is partial and you need to read it as a whole because you may even loose your commission if you do not have the right information.

This is the trick I use. I make a query in Google like this: and see the search results. I will look at the URLs in the search results to find any word like affiliate, JV, affiliate tools or JV tools. If I get one I click it and Voilla! There I will get the promotional materials and my affiliate link. This method works partially because you will find those JV tools pages only if they are indexed. If not, you can not get them. If you can not get the JVtools page that way then look for another method below.

Before that I want to give you a warning though.

1st  Some Clickbank products DO require permission to promote and for those products you HAVE TO signup and get permission to promote and get paid if you make sales.

2nd  You cannot always construct the URL correctly even if you get the vendor ID. Because a vendor can have different products in the same account and when constructing your affiliate URL as you know how, the URL doesn’t  direct to the product you want to promote. So in this case, finding the Affiliate tools page is essential.

Now the other method I use to find affiliate URLs is using firefox. First open firefox and search and install the firefox add on Verify Redirect. After restarting Firefox, make search with Google in the product name keyword. Click on the first page search results one after another to find out if they have affiliate links. And if they have, then when you click on the affiliate hyperlink in that page, the Verify Redirect addon will show you every URLs that redirect from one to the other. Keep your attention here to see if any Clickbank affiliate URL appears like …

If you see any link coming like that then copy it and paste it in a notepad and remember to change the affiliate id with that of yours.

You got your affiliate link because someone somehow managed to get the affiliate link and posted it on his blog. May be that guy has contact with the vendor or something. Getting the affiliate link like that you can continue marketing those products.

Sometimes it gave  me a headache to find those affiliate links because even Clickbank will not list those products if the vendor chooses his product not to be listed. Sometimes you can not get the JV page in any way you try but you may find it with the verify redirect firefox addon.

Sometimes you see an incredible offer in your email and want to promote that offer but could not get the affiliate URL. Then use this Verify Redirect addon in Firefox that reveals every turn of redirecting URLs. I hope this helps somebody. You can give me your ideas below in the comments section