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bonus paying products from Clickbank

June 6th, 2015 Comments off

I accidentally found that some vendors pay a bonus of 50 or even 75 bucks when you make a certain amount of sales of their product. Then I tested it if they will keep their word. I was promoting one of the products and made a sale in a few days. So I asked the vendor to send me the bonus for the first sale of their product. In a couple of days they sent me 50 in my Paypal. I said ‘great I will keep on hunting those products for some quick money which will help me pay hosting or some other fee.

So I created this page to make a list of those bonus paying vendors together with their terms. You have to read their terms of the bonus payment. Some pay bonus for the very first sale others for the fifth sale etc.. So read their terms before you claim your bonus. Also remember that it is upto the vendor to pay the bonus and you have to consider that the vendor may decide to stop his bonus program and you have to always read their ‘affiliate’s page. I will add those products as I come across them. Happy earning.

1. bonus $75 for the 5th sale

2.  bonus $50 for the 1st sale

3.   $75 for the fifth sale

4.   $50 for the 1st sale

to be updated



Yahoo Answers Targeted Traffic Source

March 22nd, 2015 Comments off

Yahoo Answers gives extremely targeted traffic that numerous marketing professionals neglect. The time included with it and the ease with which it appears Yahoo ban individuals puts them off.

The fundamental facility of Yahoo Answers is that people ask questions and other individuals address them. Consider it as a guidance board, if you such as. Some of the questions are bizarre, some strange, whereas others are typical. The quality of responses varies too from the single sentence, to the disrespectful to the outstanding. The latter is the kind of answer you want to be supplying.

First of all, individuals are only prohibited if they abuse the system and provide regularly bad responses. Long as you stay on the ideal side of their terms of service and provide excellent quality responses you will have no difficulty keeping your account. People have had the very same account for years and have built up countless points, whereas others lose theirs in a few weeks due to the fact that they break the terms of service.

The secret to succeeding with Yahoo Answers is to find concerns that you can answer and your website provides more information on. As Yahoo Answers is thought about an authority site by the other search engines, having links from it are thought about extremely pertinent and extremely beneficial. You need to do a sophisticated search to find the best concerns to answer. Search just questions opened in the last 7 days with your keyword. This will certainly provide you the most appropriate questions. You then need to go through each concern and discover the ones you can address well.

In order to keep your account and to obtain voted as the very best response, you require to provide high quality responses. This suggests reading the question extensively and comprehend exactly what is asked. Start your response with a greeting, e.g. “Hey there” or “Hello there, thanks for your concern”. This quickly makes your answer stand out from the crowd and will begin to develop a relationship with the questioner.

Offer your response and sign off with something similarly friendly such as “Hope this helps you out” and then sign out with your name. You should only put your link in your response directly if it has actually been requested. Putting your link in every response is most likely to obtain your account banned. Your link has to go in the resources box below. Don’t stress, it will certainly get seen and clicked on, especially if your answer is voted the best response. Yahoo Answers offers a really great technique of producing targeted traffic through to your site. It works well for most types of websites and some individuals make decent money just from Yahoo Answers. Utilize it well and intelligently and you can get lots of take advantage of it.

While some labor so hard to make their website one of the high ranking websites per keyword search, you get the chance to be on the top of the list or a minimum of in the first page of a search results page enhancing your opportunity to be clicked. With that, you drive traffic and web site visitors to your site a lot faster.

You will need to bet some cash when using this service though. There are different ways Yahoo/Overture will charge you. It may be in the number of Keywords or Keyword phrases your ad utilizes or in the many times your advertisement is clicked. Others provide many other services like having your ad appear not just in the online search engine pages however likewise with some 3rd party websites.

3rd party sites support ads that have the very same style or specific niche as them. With more areas your ad is shown, you increase the chances of people learning about your site or item. With more website visitors you increase the sales of your website makings your assets with your advertisements a smart one.

With so numerous competitors in the internet based businesses, it is required to take a huge leap forward from the pack by advertising. Yahoo/Overture will be an excellent location to start. Lots of have actually utilized their services and have gained the benefits of this decision. It’s a marketing method that will certainly increase your website visitors along with enhance your sales resulting in earnings.

It takes cash to earn money, while there are some methods that are essentially low cost or totally free, utilizing a marketing service such as exactly what Yahoo/Overture offers will certainly offer outcomes quicker and on a bigger scale. Lots of businesses have discovered this the tough method, don’t be counted with them.

Use Facebook Group Poster Script to promote your business

December 22nd, 2014 Comments off

facebooklikeNo online marketer denies the power of Facebook when it comes to promoting a business opportunity. The social connection and the potential for going viral is huge. So, you are thinking of getting a Facebook group poster script that can automate your promotion. It is a good start, but make sure you know what is ahead of you. There are few things you should be aware before jumping in the trade and stumbling upon the traps and dangers.

The first thing you should be well aware is the odds that are against your plan. You think Facebook will be very happy about your blasts of business opportunity ads? The answer is a clear no. What about all the administrators of different Facebook groups, will they be happy to get your ads posted indiscriminately? No, they established the groups so that they can benefit from them. Of course, there are heaps of groups that allow you to post your ads, but make sure you read their “Fair Play” policies.

The other plain truth is that everyone coming to those Facebook groups is more interested to advertise his/her own business. You can’t expect to get a huge response unless your ad is so appealing. Make sure you use a carefully designed ad with pictures and videos that can stand out from the crowd.

Having said those, let us see which options you have to use a Facebook group poster script to do the job.

facebook group poster script

Self Hosted Facebook Group Poster script

This is an option when you want to have a total control on your advertising and Facebook group posting. You buy a script and install it on your server, under your domain. Then you start joining groups and get approvals. When you join a number of Facebook groups and are satisfied about the potential number of impressions you get for your posts, then start using the script to blast your ads. This works well as long as you are making sure you are not blasting ads none-stop. Facebook sooner or later will get your activity unacceptable and will do the inevitable. They will block your account. Best practice is to blast few ads at a time, to a selected few groups.

Facebook Group poster services

These are services that can blast your ads to different groups for a fee. You can get lots of them online and they are at times cheap. They are not that risky to your account because they are using “Theirs”. We don’t actually worry which account they are using as long as our ads are posted on Facebook groups.

So, the choice is yours. Which ever advertising model you want to use, know that there is no such thing as “Easy Success” as some odds are working against your plan. If you create your own Facebook group and manage to get a responsive members, there is a potential to get great success.


Sales Funnels Increase Your Sales – Good Practices

November 17th, 2012 Comments off

As an internet marketer, we must have heard about sales funnels and if we buy some products we must have seen the funnels ourselves. Sales funnels are important part to increasing your sales volume. The funnels are set up by the product owner as he thinks is feasible or more profitable. For example he may do something like an optin form in his sales page. As visitors optin to his newsletter, that visitor can be redirected to some kind of product or his own product and if he buys it, there may come an upsell of that product which is mostly related to the main product. If he refuses to buy the upsell then there comes a downsell which basically is a reduced price or discount of the upsell. There can also be backend products you promote in their email after they optin to your newsletter.

Sales funnels are common these days. We almost do not see any product that sales a single product without any upsell or one time offer or an upgrade. The idea is to increase sales volume from the same amount of visitors. But truly speaking I think it is being overdone and it is loosing its effectiveness as it was before. I myself am fed up of upsells and then downsells and cross sells. It is just a little over these days. Don’t you think it irritates you to find out the price of a product to be 37 dollars and as you purchase, a load of upsells and downsells before you even download your purchase. I don’t think anyone is comfortable with that.

But if done right, it is profitable and not irritating to the end customer. Some genuine marketers even tell you if there is an upgrade for the product you buy before you pay for it. If it is a one upgrade I think it is fine or even two upsells can be fine. With a reasonable addition of value people can be okay to pay that but when it is a load of upsells, that can not be fine.

I would like to add one tool almost every product owner is using to increase his sales and it works. It is exit splash. Whenever a visitor tries to leave your page and clicks the close button in the browser, a popup window opens and displays a discount or an optin form. This truly increases sales but even this is done wrongly sometimes. As we discussed the irritating upsells and downsells, then this too can become irritating when done above normal. Some product pages will never let go of a visitor and present offer after offer with a pop up. I believe it is okay if you may do it 2 times i.e 2 pop ups. But imagine how annoying it will be if you encounter 5 pop ups as you try to leave the page you are visiting? I leave this to your own judgment to see how many pop ups is okay with you and possibly with other people.

In general we can increase our sales using these strategies but we have to consider the feelings of our customers or our website visitors. And we can find for ourselves the best practices of doing this. Or we can learn from other experienced marketers their insight on this and implement them testing and seeing the results. We can even ask our visitors their opinion and collect polls to find out what is the best practice.