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bonus paying products from Clickbank

June 6th, 2015

I accidentally found that some vendors pay a bonus of 50 or even 75 bucks when you make a certain amount of sales of their product. Then I tested it if they will keep their word. I was promoting one of the products and made a sale in a few days. So I asked the vendor to send me the bonus for the first sale of their product. In a couple of days they sent me 50 in my Paypal. I said ‘great I will keep on hunting those products for some quick money which will help me pay hosting or some other fee.

So I created this page to make a list of those bonus paying vendors together with their terms. You have to read their terms of the bonus payment. Some pay bonus for the very first sale others for the fifth sale etc.. So read their terms before you claim your bonus. Also remember that it is upto the vendor to pay the bonus and you have to consider that the vendor may decide to stop his bonus program and you have to always read their ‘affiliate’s page. I will add those products as I come across them. Happy earning.

1.http://www.tinnitusmiracle.com/affiliates.php bonus $75 for the 5th sale

2. http://www.tinnitusremedy.com/affiliates/  bonus $50 for the 1st sale

3. http://pennystockprophet.com/main/affiliates.php   $75 for the fifth sale

4. https://www.dentistbedamned.com/affiliates/   $50 for the 1st sale

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