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Important features to look for in a webhost

June 19th, 2016 Comments off

Since the introduction of internet and World Wide Web it has become a vital part for the companies to make sure that they are present online and spread a top class image all across the globe. There are a few features that need to be considered if you want to make sure that you have chosen the perfect webhost for your website.

Most people are unaware about the major features of a website host. It is important that people should get to know about the major features that matter the most. Thus we have collected some of the most important features that will surely help you to buying webhosting services.

  1. Storage Space

There are numerous companies in the market that offer unlimited storage space just to attract customers but actually if you go through their Terms and Conditions then you will get to know that actually the unlimited storage space is not unlimited. Thus it is important that you try to work with webhosts that set clear specifications just like Bluehost. Bluehost has become more popular all over the world because they aim to deliver what they say.

  1. The Bandwidth webhost offers

Bandwidth is another important feature that companies should look for while deciding their webhost. Before moving on we should make sure that all readers know what actually bandwidth means and what purpose it serves. Bandwidth is the name given to a measurement that calculates the total amount of data provided to the customers to download and upload. Let’s assume a situation in which your webhosts provide you 10MB of total bandwidth. You use 1MB to upload your personal files then your customers will be left with just 9MB of storage. If your download limit exceeds then your webhost will not allow any more visitors or it will charge you pre MB consumed. Some companies claim that they will provide unlimited bandwidth but before trusting them you need to make sure what the actual limit is. Bluehost is clear about its features and provides attractive packages for its customers. Bluehost ensures that it provides healthy amount of bandwidth so that their customers do not suffer because of them. The websites that have a high amount of traffic would need a high amount of bandwidth thus it is important for the companies to determine how much bandwidth they would require for their website.

  1. Email Accounts as an added feature

Almost all of the webhosts provide email accounts as an additional feature with the webhosting services. Having customised email accounts is extremely important for a better image of the company online. But before getting into their additional offer you need to make sure of the fact that they have webmail interface that allows you to send and receive emails without any difficulty. You can even make sure of the fact that they provide you the facility of integration with Google Apps. Moreover you also need to make sure that the webhost provide you email services via IMAP, or do they offer POP as well.

  1. Database at the backend

It is extremely important for you to make sure that the webhost you are choosing for your website offers services of a database. If you desire to have a dynamic website then it is important for you to have a database at the backend. Most of the webhosts nowadays offer MySQL but you need to opt for the database. The webhosts that do not mention about database usually do not offer its services. Thus it is important to check for it because if you want to have a dynamic website and make your online presence count then you need to make sure that your webhost provides you the option of database.

  1. Shell access

The companies that are a little bit more advance you need to look for shell access. Most of the people might not know about shell access thus it is our duty to first introduce this term. Shell access provides access to the server through command line over SSH. This feature will allow you to securely copy files up and down, change the permissions for a group of files and folders quickly and easily. It even provides you the control that you require from a webhost. It is extremely important to have this particular feature in your bucket so that you could maintain a smooth relation with your webhost.

  1. .htaccess files

Before moving on to declare it one of the most important feature of a website host it is important to let you know what this is. It is a file that is created by the Apache server and it has the ability to protect directories, re-write URLs, redirect pages, and more. It is extremely important for you to have access to your own .hatches file as this way your website will be a lot more secure.

  1. Language Support

The most important of all is that your webhost provides you the language support. Let’s understand this factor with help of an example. If you want to develop your website on .Net while your webhost provides support only to PHP then you might have to changeover each and everything. Always make sure that your webhost offers support in the maximum languages. Bluehost is one hosting company that supports most types of languages and provides some exceptional services to its customers.

  1. Site Backup

Although this feature is mentioned right at the last spot but it is extremely important because you don’t want to lose your all data just because your webhost doesn’t provides backup services. Just make sure that if your webhost doesn’t provides backup services then you need to make sure that you backup all your files regularly because your data is valuable.

My Authority WebSite SEO Journey

June 9th, 2016 Comments off

I have been an affiliate for several years and made few thousands through the years. As many of you might have gone through, I tried so many things to increase my online income and then learned that the major system I used to make money with, has its downsides. The major system I used to make money online was Launch Jacking. Maybe every newbie might have tried it because it is easier to do it and it is a system that works.

Basically what we do in Launch Jacking is that we find some launching product and create a review website about that product. If we can rank that page in Google, we are almost guaranteed to make money. If the launching product is of some Guru we can expect to make tens of thousands or more. If you stay on the internet marketing world for a while, then this is the system you will first learn. But it has its own downsides. The problem is that a launching product is only hot for few days and your sales plummet until they become zero after few days. Yes that is the behavior of launching products.

But of course not always. For example some launching product on weight loss can gain momentum and stay on top for several months and then if your review site ranks in the first or second position, you can be sure it will keep on sending you sales. But this rarely happens. But if the launching product is physical product, you can expect it to stay hot for months or even years. So in this case your ranked website can send you regular sales.

But since I was dealing with info products, I get few sales and then zero sales in a few days. That doesn’t feel good. It will only frustrate you because you have to create another review page for another launching product and you have to try hard to optimize it so it ranks on the top of Google. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail. So your income is not steady. Plus the competition and the unreliability of the info products you promote create a very bad feeling. And then you will be frustrated and don’t want to do that anymore. That was what happened to me. Eventually I stopped writing review articles and make a plan to make money from some established businesses like hosting affiliate programs.

At last, I concluded that I have to create some nice authority site because at the end of the day what you need is a consistent targeted traffic if you are supposed to make money steadily. And once you create authority site, the search engines will send you high quality visitors for free and forever. Now that is interesting. Because the authority site you create will not demand much effort on your part. It is almost hands free system once you built the authority.

So this is my strategy now along with some paid traffic systems. That means I have two things to do. One is building an authority site and the second is using paid traffic to generate income.

I tried to learn several people’s posts on Authority site and implement what I learned. I believe by consistently applying the system I learned, I can reach there not very far away from now. I guess I will create a successful authority site in a matter of six months. The activities I will do include, creating high quality content, and creating some social presence. At the end I will try to create some legit backlinks. By legit backlinks I mean making my content impressive which will make people share it on their sites and social media accounts. I will report through the months as I progress. Wish me luck.