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How To Be An Expert Persuader

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How To Be An Expert Persuader in 20 days


how to be an expert persuaderDo you realize that there is ONE skill valued above all others? It is How To Be An Expert Persuader and it can get you almost ANYTHING you desire when applied properly. It’s the skill of persuasion and influence, and it’s a skill ANYONE can master. If you take a close look at super-successful people, you’ll find that almost every one of them is a master of persuasion. Think about this, by tapping into the power of persuasion, you can influence almost anyone to help you with your own success. You can even make them think they’re getting the better end of the deal…

When you master the skill of persuasion, you can…

–Earn more money..

–Advance your career…

–Make better business deals, and make more of them…

–Effortlessly get along with almost anyone…

–Sell more with less effort…

–Influence others to accept your ideas, help you and work with

–Have magnetic charisma…

–Get what you want.

And learning how to be a master of persuasion isn’t difficult. Thanks to former “loser” Michael Lee, you can become an Expert Persuader in just 20 days! Michael Lee was shunned by everyone he knew for being a loser. Even his parents thought he was destined to be a failure. Fed up with his life, Michael set out to learn everything he could about persuasion and influencing others.

He spent years studying and trying everything he could get his hands on. He even designed his own techniques of persuasion… that’s how desperate he was! Now he’s incredibly successful in business, career, relationships, social life and love life!

A complete turn around, start persuading people like the pros!

Look, I know you’re not a loser. If you were, you wouldn’t even be reading this. But no matter where you are in life, you can GREATLY benefit from becoming an Expert Persuader. Even if you only used it for better relationships, or to make more money, or to have lots of friends, it would be well worth the small amount of time it takes to master.

And just imagine what can happen if you apply your Expert Persuasion skills to ALL facets of your life. You’ll become unstoppable!

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New Video Sales Letter Formula | PressPlay Review and Bonus

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New Video Sales Letter Formula Released by Matt & Mark


pressplay reviewA new product, No-Fail video sales letter formula, is just released by well known online marketers and tutors, Matt Callen and Mark Thompson. Before you decide to buy this amazing software package, let me give you an overview of what a wining video sales letter formula could be. I wouldn’t want to lecture you on the importance of using videos on your sales letters as it is now the standard of online marketing. But, you may have thought it is too hard or to complicated and didn’t give it a try. Or It could as well be you tried and failed in your video marketing. Whatever your state is, this video sales letter tutorial created by Matt & Mark is such a clear instruction that you can easily get the main concept after getting through these main points.

So many would be online marketers always try to market their products or affiliate products through videos that somewhat explain what they are selling. but they fall short because they miss the main twists and tweaks that make a certain video presentation a powerful sales copy. Buyers won’t buy a product because you tell them what the product is, you must get into their mind set and grab the wheel by which you lead them to where they should end up, the buy-now button. In the following paragraphs, you will get a detailed pressplay review (the software behind pressplay software).


To apply the best video sales letter formula, you must include the following tips

  • Attention Grabbing Introduction

It is commonly believed that online visitors have a very short span of attention. Not their fault, there are millions of things to distract them and if they don’t see what they want in few seconds, they go away. To remove this obstacle, the only effective tool has always been an attention grabbing introduction. There are certain words and phrases that we have to use to get the attention of the visitor.

  • Identify The Problem

If you are incorporating keywords in your online marketing it is not that hard to imagine what your visitor is looking for. If you are targeting “Free search engine traffic” then your visitor probably has problem of getting traffic to a website or the likes. So, you identify the problem and tell your visitor that you understand what lacking traffic to a website means. This creates a quick connection between you and the visitor. The trust process is in its early stage here, but you already got your visitors attention some trust.

  • Establish Early Scarcity

you may disagree this step, but that is what Matt and Mark are teaching. It helps you initiate an early buying intent in your visitor. As this topic will again come to focus again later, let us leave it here as it is.

  • Provide the Solution

Explain to your visitor how and why your product solves the problem. This is the stage your visitor has really started to get serious about your product and is trying to find out how your product gives the solution. So, get to the main points and show how your product works.

  • Features and Benefits

Time to go even deeper in your product disclosure and tell your visitor the benefits of buying your product. Benefits could be anything that will add value to your product. You can promote give-away products as bonuses, give access to inner circle membership, discount on future products and so on.

  • Social Proof

The online platform now wouldn’t be effective without the social media presence. If people can see testimonials, social shares and likes, it is highly likely that their level of trusting your product will increase dramatically. Visitors looking for any product online have a common feature of searching for “Reviews”, “Testimonials” or “Complaints” before committing to buy. Get your social signals alight and show the visitor that your product is being shared and liked in the social media circle.

  • Overcome Objections

No one will be happy to part from his/her money. There will always be a natural instinct to say “No” even to the best deals and sales. we have to overcome this human nature by answering questions. Most e-commerce websites these days have a “FAQ” section in their website so that they can answer the frequently asked questions. As visitors get the answers to their questions right there, they are entering to the final stage of the sales process.

  • Main Call To Action

Any sales letter wouldn’t be effective without a clear call to action. What do you want the visitor do on your website? Do you want him/her to click a button? Then tell then to do so in clear way. Some just think it is obvious for a visitor to click on a link as long as it is a live link. No, it is not. they have to be called to action.

  • Add More Warning and Scarcity

Scarcity is one of the most effective trigger that initiates the buying instinct in human beings. Let us say a breaking news just stated that there will be a serious shortage of drinking water in the coming days in your city. What is the first thing you plan to do? Yeah, go as quick as you can and buy as much bottled water as you can. Scarcity can also be established through limited time discounts, bonuses and other benefits. As missing out on a given discount starts to sink in your visitors mind, the tendency to buy your product has tripled in the emotional sphere.

  • Close/Conclude

Time to close the sale and conclude what you have already said. At this stage the visitor probably has already taken the action to buy your product. He/she has been convinced that buying your product is not a loss, it is rather a gain. Once you established your credibility by providing the best product that solves a certain problem, you have established yourself as a trusted seller that your buyer can be your life-time customer.

All the steps above have been explained as “No Fail Video Sales Letter Formula” by Matt & Mark. No secret these are most effective points not to be missed in any video marketing. But, it is clear everyone is not that gifted to create such videos as needed. And that is why Matt & Mark has have created an innovative software that handles video sales letter creation as the pros. Lots of seasoned online marketers are already posting PressPlay reviews on YouTube for the very reason that the product owners are highly trusted for their quality products. You can go and visit their software, PressPlay below…

 PressPlay Software