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A new product has just launched and you can read my review on it right here. SECRET MONEY SYSTEM comes with a software tool to create money making websites in a matter of few minutes. Basically what the tool does is create the website, fill it with content and then monetize it with proper ads. Once you set it up you do not have to go into your dashboard to do extra stuff unless you want to. The idea is interesting because as the dream of every internet marketer is to do the least work and yet to earn a considerable amount of money. But will this thing work?

First let us see what is required to create a traffic generating website and we will investigate this system. Now there are two things when we come to free traffic generation from the search engines and they are onsite and offsite optimization. The first on site optimization is not that hard to do it because it is easily reachable. We just have to write quality article and then post those quality articles on our site regularly and not stop doing it. Then when we post those articles we should include tags for them. We should also include h1 and h2 tags so search engines know exactly what our site is about.

After that we have to make sure that our site is easily navigable for visitors and that it loads quite fast as people surf the web. Lastly it helps to have a domain related to our niche topic and we have to apply that too. That was about on site optimization. When we come to off site optimization, we have to do one thing mainly and that is building quality backlinks to our website. We can not expect our site to rank well blasting our website link on crappy websites. If we can do this one thing correctly, our site will start showing up in the top of Google. But this one thing is not easy and if you want to pay for it, it is not cheap either.

Other than backlinks, we have to create social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Gplus. Nowadays Google and other search engines are giving social signals a considerable relevance and we ahould work on that too. Basically this is it. If we can do these things, our site is sure to be swarmed with visitors and it is easy to make money after that.

If we want to generate traffic from the social sites we have to be active in adding friends and socializing with people of the same desire. As our friends and followers increase, our influence also increases and then it is easy to make money from those people. And yes there are many internet marketers that are generating big traffic and make money from the social sites for free which means it is possible to make a living off socail sites too.

Since the product secret money system has not launched yet, we can not say much about it but after finding out what it is, I will write my review on it. Till then you may want to check the home page of HERE.