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Full money system : Review

February 21st, 2014 Comments off

Full money system is a money making system that is done for you which requires very little work to get started. Once you get into the members area you are only required to add your paypal email and your autoresponder code which the system takes care all other stuff to creat  a done for you complete money making website.

Yes the website is then ready to take orders when visitors start engaging with your website. The list building feature is also important because that is what builds internet business for long. Every successful internet marketer is doing one thing commonly and it is list building and that is because the money is truly in the list.

is a product that has been being prepared for months and it is expected to deliver on its promises.

This is what the list owners do usually: they pick up an offer that they think is best for their subscribers and they send promotional email to their list. Their days job is done. They come during the night time to check how much money they have made. That is it. And when you have the list you are in controll of your business because no one can take away your list which is a huge advantage as compared to other systems.   

As to the traffic part, there is a training on free traffic and paid traffic generation which shows you ways of generating hordes of traffic to your website. Once you start driving those visitors, making money will be easy because internet marketing is about  targeted traffic and hot offer. When you match those two things, making money online is inevitable. 

There will also be live training for six weeks. The live training will help clear out any question people may have concerning the process or any other subject. Q & A session is really important because sometimes people get confused over the smallest things of internet marketing. It is also helpful to learn the way of the heavy hitters in the internet marketing industry.

Once you start in the right way and make your first dollar online, it is just a matter of duplication and optimizing. As you do that your income also multiplies and you can do that as much as you want. Internet marketing is really rewarding when you know the ropes but it is not something like “make money without doing any thing”.  When you start going the right way, you will reach the destination if you persist on pursuing it till the end. Find out more about HERE.    

webinar jam : Review

February 20th, 2014 Comments off

When we come to making sales online, webinars convert much more better than any other form of marketing and that is why we see webinars frequently in the internet marketing industry. Then Webinar software solutions have been around quite for some time. The most popular one go to webinar which costs $495 per month accomodates one thousand people and no more than that. May be for some marketers that room is enough but not for all. When we come to features, Go to webinar is in short of so many features than webinarjam but it is way expensive. Now let us look the features of webinar Jam.

In the first place the technology Webinar Jam uses is that of Google hangouts. We can as well use Google hangouts for free but it does not have marketing features. So webinar Jam takes over Google’s technology and adds a number of features that will help any internet marketer run  webinars successfully. We get 20 landing pages that are proven to convert. Do not take landing pages lightly because it can mean a sale or no sale. Secondly you can use any type of video you want. Meaning you can take pictures from camera directly or any thing your computer displays can be used as source of video.

The software goes to Google hangouts dashboard automatically and sets up everything. The hangouts will also be created by the software from within one administration dashboard. Then you can decide which type of offer you want to run. If you want multiple offers to run, you can do so with a click of a button. The other feature the software gives you is Chatting capability which makes it easy for you to post links to any product or page. It has built in chatrooms, polls & surveys. You can also use it to run free or paid webinars. The events will be recorded and will be ready for a replay. Atendees will get email followups. For those that don’t attend the webinar you can create a separate followup email.

Webinar Jam is so feature rich that it trumps every thing else in the market because there is nothing like it. The software also integrates with mobile phones seamlessly which makes it preferable for people on the go. The software is browser based which removes lots of compatibility issues had it been a desktop software. It works both on Windows and Mac. With other webinar software solutions, if you have connectivity problems, the software boots and all the attendees have to login again but not so with webinar Jam. It works flawlessly.

As you can see the software is feature packed to make webinars even more powerful than ever. Webinars are called evergreen businesses and when all these features are added it will become invincible marketing arsenal. More on HERE.