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Who likes money is a new product by the most successful internet marketer DC Fawcett. He is also a real estate entrepreneur. This product is going to change the life of many people and this is why. Many internet marketers have already learned what they should do to make money online. Internet marketing is basically about two things: targeted traffic and hot converting product. If you can match these two things, it is impossible to fail. The problem is free traffic such as Search engines traffic works but it takes way too long until we rake in regular daily visitors in the thousands. It is also costly because who can afford to build all those backlinks and who is going to write all those unique articles?

And when we talk about paid advertising, it is even more harder for internet marketers because first it requires a good chunk of money and second, you need to have the knowledge. You should regularly split test to find out which one works well. Simply put, paid advertising is harder than free search engines traffic generation. But if you notice once in a while there comes a free traffic system that is a no brainer which takes no time to master. When these systems arrive and if we are sure they do work, then we may consider trying them because they will not work forever because the properties we let our software work on will not fold hands and watch. If they see any unusual activity they will close that loophole because they will not allow anyone to manipulate their system to get free traffic.

So DC Fawcett has created a software that extracts Facebook users email and then builds his email from that list not directly though. He sends those visitors to a facebook page and builds his list at the same time promoting affiliate products. In his video he demonstrates how his software WALL HARVESTING OPTIMIZER extracts those highly targeted prospects and sending them to his FB page where he created that page from scratch. We can see the progress of likes and optin subscribers infront of our eyes. He also shows us making more than 5,000 Dollars in a few days from his campaign. What we need here is only the software because other things are done on FB. Autoresponder is optional. But it is advisable to use an autoresponder because it will only have positive effect in leveraging that list for a long term profit.

In general Who Likes Money is a complete system that has the ingredients to make money online. The profit we make is hundred percent because the traffic generated is free. This product is highly recommended to anyone trying to make money without the process of building websites and generating search engines traffic. Find out more on HERE.

1 cent fb clicks | 1centfbclicks.comReview

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1 cent fb clicks has just launched by Aaron Darko & Jani G who are successful internet marketers. This product is about getting cheap traffic from the traffic giant Facebook. The traffic is ever increasing and it is attracting many businesses and brands. Many Internet marketers are also advertising in that huge traffic and are seeing great results. But if you tried paid advertising of any type, then you will understand that it requires some sort of knowledge or it can bankrupt you in a short time. Of course you can start within your limits and you can even pause your campaign but you need to have the intelligence as to how to promote in these traffic sources if you want to see results.

Aaron Darko & Jani G have been doing successful campaigns in FB and they are revealing their methods that allowed them to get the cheapest traffic one can get – 1 cent per click. Their secret is with all the system. First they want to build the funnel that traffic will be directed to, the funnel starts with a squeeze page built on Facebook page. The squeeze page collects peoples email and we can follow up on our leads from there. One of the secrets of getting cheaper traffic is directing your traffic to Facebook pages. That is why the funnel starts with Facebook squeeze page.

After building the funnel with a step by step instruction, you will start your campaign on Facebook ads. Here also you will see how to target specific interest groups and people that will end up subscribing or buying your stuff. Targetting is extremely important in internet marketing because no one buys anything that he is not interested in. I mean you can convert a cold traffic but it takes much time and effort to do so. Once you see how to target your prospects, you will start the ads and watch carefully how things are going. With a step by step guide they give, it is hard to go astray.

In general this product is one of the best FB ads training that will help anyone with a desire to succeed in online marketing. Internet marketing is also highly rewarding when done right. And learning things from the people that are already doing it is cheaper and takes less time than trying it on your own. Find out more on HERE.

Digital Publishing Blueprint Review :

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Ed Dale has created a state of the art software tool that can create and publish digital magazines in a matter of few clicks. The digital era is exploding and users of mobile phones have never been this big and it is showing no slowness which means the digital market is huge. This is where digital publishing blueprint comes to play. It is developed to make the most money out of this blooming market. Apple has its own digital store and hundreds of thousands of people are buying from that digital marketplace daily. With a system like this it is more easier to enter this market and dominate.

First there are 7 modules of training on the whole process. Step by step Ed teaches the whole system. The first module deals with researching market and choosing the niche that best suits your interest and situation. Then how to have Apple’s developer acct. In the second module we will see how we can come up with content for our digital magazine. We will also see how we can get the best outsource workers for best results. In module three we will get general information on the software tool Mac app cast. This software is state of the art digital magazine publisher and promoter.

In module four, how to create magazine PDF’s that are optimized to Apple phone users. Here we are given killer templates that are proven to be liked by customers. Then in Module five, how to submit to apple and what to say to them so it can be published in the marketplace. In Module 6, how to generate traffic to your digital magazine, how to monetize you Magazine app. In module 7 we will see advanced strategies such as conducting webinars, product launches and how to sell big ticket products.

Digital publishing blueprint is a product that has all the ingredients to make money online. The coolest thing in this product is the ability of the system to build a buyer list which can establish your internet business and this is why. It has always been said “the money is in the list” and it is true because the people with the BUYER list always dominate the market. They can always generate money whenever they want. That is what we will get here. Find out more on here.