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5k in 15 days Review :

July 29th, 2013 Comments off

5k in 15 days has just been released on the Clicksure marketplace. What does the title say? Ya it is 5 k in 15 days but is it achievable? I guess not for people that have little experience. However we all know that the super affiliates are raking with money almost everyday. And unless newbies get the most no brainer system, it is almost impossible to make that happen.

what is the system about? It is about building websites that are populated with content automatically from all over the net. Besides you need to have a website where you may sign up hosting from Cool handler. The product has training on the system. The question is will it make you money? I do not believe so and that is because the search engines demand unique articles to consider your website. It doesn’t mean the websites you will build will not generate any traffic whatsoever instead, it will not generate significant traffic to make you money.

I have my  own websites that are populated with content automatically from Amazon. It is a duplicate content which search engines do not like however I have made some sales there. Though I have some sites with that system, and even thpugh they gnerate traffic, some fall rapidly and almost die from loss of traffic.

This means automatic systems that scrap content from the net may work for a while but they do not last long because The search engines are clever enough to detect DUPLICATE content and hit that site with penalty. Which eventually deceases that site because if that site if of no use, no one wants to have it. If you want to see my recommended product to make money online, check this out. If you want to visit the homepage of

Day Job Killer Reversal Review :

July 16th, 2013 Comments off

It has been two years and half since these guys totally dominated the Clickbank marketplace when they launched Day Job Killer back then. Now they are coming with a much more powerfull internet marketer’s solution. The product is created from the ground up with result oriented approach. It also comes with a software tool that changes the game of internet marketing for the better. The best part of this product is that it utilizes free traffic that is highly targetted to give us fast results.

Day Job reversal comes with a done for you domain name that has already been created for members. It also comes wit a software tool that creates a complete website that is search engines friendly to attract viewrs in a few days. This is what you will get:

  1. You will be given the chance to choose from 10 of the most profitable niches. After choosing the niche you want, the site is created on that niche with the plugin with all the articles, videos and everything. You can switch niches any time you want.
  2. The sites will have 5 killer themes. One of the factors of better clickthrough rates and sales  is the appearance and feature of the WP theme. It is just amazing to see the effect it will have on visitors just by changing theme.
  3. Complete mobile integration is another fantastic feature. Sites should be optimized for mobile viewing beause nowadays, many people use mobile devices to access the web and loosing on that traffic is not something we see easily.
  4. Then we get the feature of different types of banners and pop ups. One of the proven feature for conversion is a light box appearance of popups and it will help you catch customers that might have left your page.
  5. Then we get a halo bar that appears at the top of your website that is customizable the way you want it. It can have a link to any product you like.
  6. Then we get stealth cloaked links which is helpful for tracking purposes and link masking. Adsense and Amazon widgets help you insert ads seamlessly. You do not have to worry where to post those ads for best clickthroughs because the best places for the ads has already been determined.
  7. The other best feature is that you will be presented with money keywords that you can insert into your post with a click of a button which in turn optimizes your page for searches in the search engines.
  8. Then we get a viral feature of the website. The activities of your Facebook page can be displayed on your page and people can like and share it. You can entice visitors to like and share by giving them some relevant article or ebook.

In general this product has fantastic features and it can pave the way to success. There are a number of training videos that show you the process. Find out more on Day Job Reversal HERE.

AK Elite Review :

July 10th, 2013 Comments off

When we come to making money from Amazon, many people think of becoming an affiliate and sell the products by promoting at different places. And when thinking of having their own product, they think it is way too complicated or above their reach. But have you thought of the simplest business in Amazon? It is Kindle ebooks publishing and it is open for everybody. Some people are totally crushing it with this! You may think again that you do not have the knowledge to write on topics that you don’t know. Wait a minute, do you think all ebooks out there are written by the owners of the books, hell no! The writer is somebody else and the owner is another.

Then Brad callen has come up with a product that literally paves the way for your Amazon business to immediately start earning with it. Brad has made big achievements in the seo industry and he has helped many people generate free search engines traffic and make money. Now he has come to the Amazon platform and teaches anyone how to replicate his success. AK elite comes with a software tool that makes your Amazon sales page appear in the first page of Amazon when buyers search Amazon. And most of the visitors there end up buying.

Now that as there is an algorithm for the searhc engines, there is also an algorithm for Amazon which dictates the rank of products when searched. Knowing how it works, Brad has created a wonderful software that sniffs the most profitable keywords that are but with little competition. After that it works on to help your Amazon page rank in Amazon is the biggest digital products as well as physical products retailer and its digital books sales has doubled it’s physical books sales recently. This shows there is a greater potential for the success of your project because the market is huge.

Brad has done a very nice job of creating a fantastic Kindle ebook and selling it in Amazon. The training will go through everything in a step by step manner and following it there is tiny chance of failure. This is the best Amazon kindle ebooks publishing product ever. Find out moreon HERE

Video Genesis : Review

July 10th, 2013 Comments off

Video genesis is a new product by Andy and Mike F. which deals with using video to drive free traffic and make money. It is a product of training on how to create a type of video that is professional that people will like and share giving you even more exposure. They have already prepared recipes on every kind of vidoes. If you want to create a software demo vi deo then they teach what ingredients are required and the procedure on how it is done. It is actually a training of more than 12 hrs of over the shoulder video that will leave no stone unturned.

There are 13 styles of videos they present and each are for a specific type of video. As we use video presetations for different types of situations, we also need to use different styles. Their training will be as a guidebook that you refer whenever you want to create some kind of video. So this product is all about creating appropriate video which is professional and which gets best results. As we keep on following the training, it becomes easier to do what, for what type of video. Now a days videos have become so popular that we get them on almost all pages. Besides, youtube has become the number two most visited website in the world because many people would rather watch video than read an article and we should use video in our marketing strategy for best results.

It is always very good to learn from people that are doing it and Mike and Andy Jenkins have been doing this for many years and they have this cumulative knowledge of best practices for best results. They will teach what camera they are using what software and the set up of the whole movie creation. If we can follow what they are doing then we can achieve similar results. It is not only the camcorder shot video types that are dealt with but even the powerpoint video styles are also dealt about. In general this training is the best one can get on video creation fro any specific situation. Find out more on here