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Info Product Killer Review : Scam or Legit?

March 27th, 2013 Comments off

Info Product Killer of Craig Kaye is now the third version which has lots of improvements since it appeared 2yrs ago. This product aims at making money online from the internet giant Amazon. Amazon is ever increasing its profit year in year out and as a result of that, it is benefiting many affiliates by increasing their income.

This product uses free traffic as well as paid traffic which is a good combination. The paid traffic gives us fast traffic and the free traffic which usually comes from Google takes off after a little while. By that time the money we make will be pure profit because the advertising budget would be waived as free traffic takes over.

Info Product Killer allows you to create high converting affiliate websites that will rank in Google when we do the right marketing. These pages are complete with articles product pictures and videos if necessary to increase conversion as visitors land in that page.

The whole process is automated with the help of software tools so you may do very little to set them up and they continue to do what they are programmed to. In this case you need to have your website to do this business and you can take their recommendation or bring your website to the system if you already have one.

They also have an upgrade for a done for you deal which eases a number of things such as niche selection, product selection and website development. However you can go with the main package. But if you want to go with full power, take advantage of the upgrades which is a plus for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Finally I would like to say that Craig has delivered in his previous products and this one is no different. Here you will get much more better tools and techniques as compared to the previous products. Find out more on HERE.

Authority ROI Review : by Ryan Deiss

March 19th, 2013 Comments off

Authority ROI is Ryan Diess’s new product that deals with creating authority sites that get tens of  thousands of search engines traffic monthly. Having lots of web properties, he was experimenting to generate a kind of website traffic that really makes a difference and finally he found it and Authority ROI was born then.

According to his finding the three things that has been overlooked by many marketers are within our reach but we simply have overlooked them. The first one is the design of the website. If you carefully look pages that get hordes of website traffic, then we can see that their sites are a little cluttered than regular sites. Cluttering makes people spend more time and money on that site. So it definitely will have a positive effect on your site.

The other is the content on the site. Content is important but these sites do not regularly write those articles. Almost all the article is written by somebody else for free. The remaining is syndicated content from other content aggregators. So if we impllement this strategy we will never be short of fresh content.

The third one is that these big sites collect emails. And that should be the strategy we need to use. We sell some advertising space and we will not see again visitors clicking away from our site but if we capture their email as they land on our page, we can repeatedly market to them and we can notify them when there is new post on our site so they can be repeat website visitors which is a plus in the sight of the search engines.

In general Authority ROI is a method and tools that helps us create authority sites that drive search engines traffic consistently. And it is all we need to make money online. Search engine traffic is the very ingredient that allowed me to start making money online and it will do the same to you too. Find out more on HERE .

Commission coverup Review : scam or legit?

March 15th, 2013 Comments off

Commission coverup has launched by Alan Magliocca yesterday and it is a hot topic currently in the internet community. But what is it about? Will it have all the ingredients to make money online? Well it is a product that has a number of training on different topics and software tools that will automate most of the tasks associated with the campaign.

As we login the members area we will get a link to start. There we will learn the whole system in detail. Then we have three kinds of software tools. The first tool is Commission Content Bot that posts niche articles to your sites getting it fresh content always. The second software is Keyword tool that will help you generate many related keywords that are easier to rank on the search engines.The third one is Viral Bot which is a tool that allows your site to go viral. So generating free traffic and exposure to your site will be fast with this.

Now we also get training on free traffic and effective paid traffic too. The trainings are about affiliate marketing and detailed instruction on how to make use of the whole system and particularly the software tools.

Then we get fantastic training on list building and creating effective funnels. After you set up your own list funnel your subscribers will go through it and most will be your customers as it is built professionally. As it has always been said, the money is truly in the list and this is going to do a lot of good.

Finally we learn about outsourcing. We outsource for our own benefit because no person has all the time to do everything he wants in life. It also frees up your time too. So we will see effective outsourcing that will increase our profit more. In general this product has all the ingredients to make money online and it can be a winner if done according to instruction. Find out more on HERE.

IM Target Review : Scam or legit?

March 11th, 2013 Comments off

IM Target is a new money making product by Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim. This product has lots of video trainings on different topics and also it has software tools that will help anyone to create Affiliate websites in a matter of few seconds. In the members area there is a graphic representation of how you should be going within your back office. The tabs are also arranged in order of steps one should continue with the educattion in there.

The main part of is a web based software that creates affiliate sites in a few seconds. The pages created will have articles and ads from the popular affiliate networks like Clickbank, Amazon and Adsense. As visitors come to your page and buy by clicking those ads that means you have made money. Visitors on the pages created will come from the search engines especially Google. As the traffic from the search engines is highly targeted, you will make money as a result.

But I have to warn you though that this is not some instant money making system. Creating a website from scratch and expecting to get search traffic in a day or two is fooling ones’ self. However if the pages are optimized for a long tail keyword, the sites start driving search traffic within a month.

There is also a weekly webinar where you will have access to the creators of the product and and you can ask them whatever comes to mind to get the answers right there. The videos will be recorded for anyone who wants to go through them at a later time. There are also bonus mini training videos on various IM Target HERE.