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Free Affiliate Club Review : Scam Or Legit?

February 26th, 2013 Comments off

Free Affiliate Club has just launched by a bunch of super affiliates namely Shawn Casey, Michael Beeson, Bobby B & Brian Koz. Free Affiliate Club is a money making system they use to make their own money online. Which means it is a clone of their own money making website. It has a number of affiliate products reviews and when visitors come and click on your affiliate link and buy you will get paid. The basic idea is this but will it make you money?

Home page of

This product aims at generating free traffic from the search engines and what does the search engines want, it is unique content. If your page is a duplicate of another, then you are breaking the rules of the search engines and you are not going to get any traffic and you are not going to make any money. Of course this can work for you if you promote your website using paid systems which is way too expensive. So this product as I see it, it not going to make you any money.

To make money online, you need to have these two ingredients right or it is almost impossible. The first ingredient is you should generate targeted traffic. And the second one is a converting offer or product. To get targeted traffic you should be able to drive search engines traffic. The people that make search on the search engines are seeking to find answers to a specific problem or they are trying to buy some specific item. So that is exactly what they get on the website search engines present them with.

A converting product is not that hard to get and you can easily see its popularity in the affiliate network. Which means that product has sold that much because it converts higher than others. Of course this is in general and it may not be the case. Because some people make many sales of crappy product with their advertising volume and technique.

So what do you think? This product is not going to make you any money unless you promote using paid traffic. I would rather suggest you check this product which has all the ingredients to make money online.

Shoe-In Money of Jeremy Shoemaker Review :

February 21st, 2013 Comments off

Shoe In Money has just launched by Jeremy Shoemaker and Peng Joon and it is about making money online by creating profitable websites. It is also about building your list and making money off of it. It is also about making money from the social craze. Jeremy Shoemaker is a long time internet marketer who is so popular to rake in millions every year just for promoting other people’s products as well as selling his own products. He has made millions from Google Adsense alone. Peng Joon is a relatively new marketer but impressively succeeding on the internet.

What is the secret these people know that we do not know? There should definitely be a secret or a detail of internet marketing concept that makes some succeed enormously – The devil lies in the details. So these guys are teaching how to succeed online from their experience. They teach on creating profitable websites and generating traffic to them. They also teach you how to make use of social media traffic to increase rank and visibility. Their list building technique is also effective.

We all know that Google wants good user experience and if we can publish good articles on our site on a regular basis we will definitely get the bliss of Google to generate free search website visitors and as a result make money. If our site will have quality article people will keep on coming back to our site becoming loyal visitors and customers.

in Shoemaker reveals his secrets on how to start from scratch and create multiple streams of income in record time and his training has real case studies and testimonies which will remove any doubt you may ever have and make his training more credible. In general Jeremy is going to teach us his real life experience that allowed him to absolutely crush it online. Find out more on Shoe In Money HERE.

Easy Insta Income Review

February 21st, 2013 Comments off

Easy Insta Income has just launched by Jani G And it is a unique way of making money online. It utilizes the vast members of Instagram as its traffic source. compete shows Instagram’s traffic being  15 million/m and it’s application has become more popular through the years. Now that Facebook has acquired Instagram and is planning eventually to shut it down so it can charge some fee for a similar service Facebook plans to launch. This is their long time plan and we do have time before they shut it down.

So as the creator said it, this product is meant to make you short term money which helps you in your marketing efforts to expand and get into long term plan. If we want to go up on a storey, then we need a ladder and we cannot get up there without a ladder. The same is true with our business that we always need something that feeds our current need and by investing a part of that money back we can strategically grow our business to the next level. is easier to run because there is no time to spend on it as article writing or video recording for marketing. You can take snapshots of any picture which is viral in nature and you pass that on to your contacts in Instagram. Once a friend like’s your picture, its viral power will be unleashed and visitors will rush to your website and some will buy your products or those products you promote as an affiliate.

Making money online is first about getting website visitors and secondly about conversion. And this product gives you the traffic you will ever need. In the members area there is detailed video instructions as to how this system works and you will see how it is done. Find out more on Easy Insta Income HERE.

Mobile Blog Money Review : Scam Or Legit?

February 20th, 2013 Comments off

Mobile blog money has just been released on Clickbank and it is getting off the shelf like hot cakes. This product deals with making money on Amazon. As we know it so many people buy products from Amazon and if we only know how to find these people, we can create a passive income for a long time. Now that we may have heard about many people are cashing on this money craze and we may have asked how is that even possible? But I want to reveal my own experience here. I recently created an Amazon store just out of curiosity just to try some Amazon posting software and guess what? I made nothing in a week. I waited two weeks and nothing. But I noticed something that as the days proceed, traffic started coming to my site from Google. Before I know it, I started making money on Amazon and man I am excited. What I told you is my real story and you can see the stats here .[cookie-jar link=”” ctr=”100″ expire=”30″ period=”d”]


So how can my sites generate traffic? As I checked the stats of my site it is the buyers traffic that made all the difference. And we can know buyers if they search with a brand name – not always but people searching with brand names usually buy. The search terms are also longer. So this was the key to my successful Amazon store: It gets traffic from long tail keywords which you can not even trace them if you try to find them in Google keyword tool because Google itself has admitted that more than 50 percent of searches are unique and the keyword tool that Google has can not give you data on those keywords. But if your site is built around those keywords, then you are going to get those unique searches and you are going to make money.

So what is the process of making money with ? First you are going to choose a niche which you are going to see how in a training video. Second you are going to harvest those buyer keywords. Then you analyse competition to understand its profitability. Finally you create those profit pulling pages automatically with the software tool they provide you. You will learn all the steps in detail in the members area. This product is fantastic and it can change the course of your life. Just try to do exactly as it is laid out. Find out more mobile blog money HERE.