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Syndication Rockstar Review :

January 31st, 2013 Comments off

Syndication Rockstar is a product by Sean Donahoe which is a backlink and content building and optimization tool. I really like Sean D. because of his honesty and being far from hype. If you want to listen to an honest marketer that is doing it himself then it should be Sean D. He created a number of products before and most were a hit in the internet marketing community. Better than that many people succeeded applying his trainings and software tools. Enough about Sean and lets go to the software which is a WordPress plugin.

It is firstly a back linking tool which creates backlinks to the posts you make on your sites. We all know that backlinks are essential to rank higher on the search engines. And this tool gives us backlinks from high PR sites like Facebook myspace and a number of social sites. It also gives us backlinks from the most popular and high PR bookmarking sites. The software creates many articles from a single seed article and those articles are used on high PR social sites and Bookmarking sites.

The software works automatically in that you publish one article and it creates those backlinks almost immediately. This also gives your site authority. Authority sites rank better than other ordinary sites because Search engines consider these sites to have the most reliable information about a subject. This way your site increases ranking and it increases traffic too. And as we know it traffic increment is directly proportional to income.

Now some people say that we should not be using automation tools for fear of being penalized by the search engines. But I have got to tell you brother that if an automation tool works fine then we SHOULD be using that which saves us a ton of time and money too. I recently come across a product in warrior forum and immediately sensed that that software tool will work for me. I purchased it and after implementing it, I have made 9 sales within a month from Amazon and still growing. This Amazon account of mine was dormant for the past 5+ yrs but look at what this little 18 kb software did to it. I mentioned this because I wanted to tell you that whenever we get an automation tool that really works then we should take advantage of it because it saves us huge time. Find out more on HERE.


Instant Free Commissions Review : Scam?

January 28th, 2013 Comments off

Instant Free Commissions is scheduled to launch on Monday Jan 28. The creator of this money making product is Andrew X who is a well-known internet marketer ranking in the top of many affiliate competitions. But since the product has not launched yet, we can not say much about it. The only information we got from the author is that he has prepared some easy and instant traffic system that will allow anyone to tap into free traffic and make money as a result. Free traffic is fantastic but truly speaking it is not easy to generate because there are a number of rules to keep and a number of jobs to do or even if you could some way generate it, you could loose it just like that.

However the main obstacle to affiliates is traffic. Many people fail to generate targeted free traffic and make it huge. This is how the big boys do it, they generate targeted traffic and they do it in thousands of hop clicks per day. That is it. To make it big you need traffic by the hordes. Once you get that, choosing products that convert would not be much of a problem because we can see different signals about products even in the affiliate networks page. Then once we settle these two things, we know that we will make it big in affiliate marketing.

List building is another important factor in making money online because it gives you the power to generate traffic at will. If you have thousands of subscribers that are responsive, then those subscribers can be your goldmine because they can visit your affiliate links and buy the products you promote. So if we want to establish our business we need to build our own email list. There are different products that teach how to build profitable list. Once we settle these three things then we can repeat the process to make it even bigger. That is how the big boys play the game.

As Instant Free Commissions becomes available I will write the review once again so check it out later. If you want to go to the homepage of click HERE.

** Okay I found out today what the product is about. It is a product with a software where the software scraps the first page ranking websites from Google and you are going to contact those guys to make deal with them so that they show your ads on their site and you and the owner share the income. The idea is nice because you are getting on number one sites for some keywords but it is not easy to find those people willing to post your ads on their site to share revenue. Why would they post your ads instead of their own where they get paid 100 percent? However we can get some website owners that have no clue as to how to increase revenue and they only get money from adsense. If we get those kind of people and if we convince them then this can work for us. Review : Ecash opinions Scam or legit?

January 22nd, 2013 Comments off has just been launched by Rick Thomas. This is the second version of the product. This product is about making money online from survey sites. I think many people are familiar with this survey thing. Big companies pay people for their opinions on different subjects which in turn help them improve their products and services in the future. They pay some dollars according to the time the survey takes to finish. Some are small surveys and some take longer minutes to finish so the payment for longer surveys is bigger than the smaller ones generally.

But can we make enough money from these survey companies in the tune of at least few hundreds per month? Ya it is possible but you have to be ready to input a considerable amount of time on it because the payment per survey is not that much attractive. But if you are really determined to do it, then it is possible because we know that a number of people are already receiving cash monthly just for the surveys they fill. We also know that many companies are relentless to improve their products and they invest millions of dollars on research and development. So sure there is something relevant here.

Home page of

But if you intend making money without spending much time on your online business then you may try Adsense or affiliate marketing. These business models do not require much once you set them up and get them rolling. But in the beginning this too requires attention and follow up until it starts generating income. After that it can be passive income and this is how. If you take Adsense, Once your site start driving traffic from the search engines, it continues to get traffic as long as you do not break search engines rules. Which means people continue to come to your site and they keep on clicking those Google ads and you keep on getting paid.

And in Affiliate marketing once you build your list to a considerable amount, the game after that is passive. This is what big marketers do: they rise up in the morning and send one promotional email to their list. After that they can do anything they want because their job is finished. When they come at night they check their account and boom! They have made Hundreds or thousands of dollars. They are really living the push button life style. Well that comes but with a considerable effort. Then think which one you want to do and go for it.

Web Fire Review : Review

January 17th, 2013 Comments off has just relaunched with a software applications that are of robust feature for the success of internet marketers. I just saw it and became sure that it works. This is by far the best software tool that can really get you traffic from the first page of Google. Now let me prove it to you how it gets you traffic from the first page of Google. We all know that there are a number of websites that rank high for very profitable keywords and some of those sites receive comments. Now this software (one of the 25) hunts down those sites and presents to you so you can post your comment and guess what – you are getting traffic from the first page of Google almost instantly which converts.

The other tool we get there is a video creation software that can create videos from text files with audio and you can upload them to Youtube and other video sites. Video marketing is hot right now and visitors convert better for videos. You can even use those videos for your site’s backlinks. Then we get press release distribution software that distributes your press release to the best press release sites. Press release is also the hottest marketing technique. The other tool is a keyword research tool that gets you buyer keywords with a few clicks of the mouse. We all know that internet marketing is about targeting the right keywords and if we are not targeting the right keywords, we will lose.

The other software we get in the members area (by the way the software tools are web based) is back linking tool. What it does is that it finds out the backlinks of competing websites so you can outsmart your competing websites and rank above them. This is also powerful because it gives you the backlinks your site needs to rank higher in the search engines. With one of the tools you can acquire profitable domain names for a fraction of what they are worth. In general Web Fire is a complete internet marketing tool you will ever need. The best part is, it deals mostly with free traffic from the search engines and other sources. To tell the truth I haven’t seen such a complete marketing software anywhere else.

Now that if you can’t afford it then you cannot take advantage of this incredible marketing/traffic software but if you can afford it then It is a huge time saver and effective to leave it behind. Find out more on webfire here.