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Sky builder Review : Scam or Legit?

December 31st, 2012 Comments off

Sky builder is a software tool that allows people to develop mobile application. With this software you can develop mobile applications that help local businesses to run their business more efficiently. This product has been released earlier in this year and it was closed after few days. Now it is relaunching due to high demand from the internet marketing communities and other marketers.

The software is powerful in keyword research and pin pointing those profitable niches and then building the mobile app corresponding to that niche with few clicks of the mouse. There is also a wp plugin that changes regular blogs to mobile fitting sites which is essential to get mobile browsers or the regular website will not fit mobile phones and would result in browsers bouncing fast from unfitting sites.

Then there is the actual software SKY BUILDER CLOUD which builds the software in a few clicks and then you can market that software the way you like. You can upload it to android application store and sell it there or you can sell it to local business owners for a good sum of money. The software comes with lots of templates in different niches so you can start building your business in a matter of few minutes. Besides you can add lots of social features to the app which makes it easy for people to connect and share whatever they want to.

In general is fantastic product that can enable people create their own applications and take the share of the exploding androids software business. With a little creativity you can easily create a hot selling app and you can be on your way to profit. But as with any other business this too takes careful planning and execution of plans and it is not a push button system but rather it gives everyone the opportunity to make money on the blooming business of mobile applications. So if you think this thing is for you then go for it. Of course if you can accomplish certain tasks as laid out in the training video and PDFs, you can do it. Find out more on HERE.

Twin Peak Profits Review : Scam Or Legit?

December 24th, 2012 Comments off

Twin Peak Profits is about to be released on January 1 with great anticipation from the internet marketing community. As the creators Ryan Dennis, Tim & Zak said, it has been in development for a year and half and it is the best money maker for internet marketers. TPP is a software product that does all the hard work in a few clicks and launches your campaigns online effectively for best results.

This product is an online software tool that has two basic functions. The first one is, it creates an affiliate website with full content and affiliate products on a wordpress content management system. The second one is, it has a youtube module that allows your videos to rank higher in youtube and Google for free traffic and sales. There is also a domain finder which tells you the available domains when you give it a keyword.

Now let us see what the software does in a bit of details. First as you log into the software, you need to click on system set up and fill in your details of your website Cpanel, affiliate id’s of Clickbank, Amazon and Adsense. After that you need to click on add campaign  and give a name to your campaign and click on save. After saving the campaign you need to start building your campaign. First it allows you to choose best of clickbank product out of the listed products which are in the subject you searched.

Second you have got to choose from a list of Amazon products which the system finds for you when you make search with a specific key word. Then there is a keyword section that you need to select from a file you saved previously or by making live keyword search from Google keyword tool. Then you have got to search for free articles from within the software and it fetches articles from 15 sources. After the list of articles is loaded, you can either review them to edit if you want or you can rewrite them with a single click. Then you map a product to the article from your previous step product choice.

Then comes the optimization and installation window. You have got to choose where you want to install your site – either in the root directory or in a subdomain. Then you fill out your details of name or nick name and email and click to preview your set up. From there you can go to any step to edit it quickly. After that you click on the continue button and it starts creating the database, the subdomain, the ftp and builds the site automatically. Now the site is ready to pull in profits.

Then you can use the indexer to quickly get your site indexed in the search engines to allow fast traffic and results. Now that there is also a video module which allows to search for videos and upload them to Youtube for your videos ranking which then can generate traffic from Youtube and Google. They also have a training that explains every step of the way. Besides when you are in every step, there is a link to a corresponding video tutorial that you can access on the spot. is fantastic and it can work for internet marketers if done according to instructions. Find out more on Twin Peak Profits HERE.

Fast Commissions Review : Scam or Legit?

December 18th, 2012 Comments off

Fast Commissions is created by Winter Valko & Andrew X and it is scheduled to launch on December 18. These guys have been in the business quite for some time and they created a number of products in the internet marketing niche. But what is Fast commissions about? And will it make you money? I want to give my own analysis based on the features of the product.

First the product is just about to launch and we can not say more than what is revealed. is about generating traffic and making money from the sites you build for free. They provide traffic generating software and that is what gets you website visitors. Since the pages are free there will not be additional cost apart from the cost of the product.

But what is the basics of making money online? It is inevitable to make money once you have these two things in place and they are targeted traffic and a converting product. These two ingredients are extremely vital and if you can’t get them, you can not make any money. So we have to analyse every product based on this filter. If it passes then fine if it doesn’t then we have to let it go.

The highest form of targeted traffic is that which we get from the search engines and it is because we are getting the very people that are SEEKING what we are promoting. So when they land on our page they are interested in what we have to offer them. They are a very good candidate for our business. The traffic part of internet business is just where many people fail and of course it is not easy but it is not impossible either.

To find out a converting product it is not that hard. We can easily find a product that is doing well in any affiliate network just by seeing the data they present us. Then we can easily post that product or choose similar products and rotate them on our page to find out which one converts more. The more converting will win and we can make good money on that product.

Now this is the basics of making money online. And we can easily identify any product by analysing what they are up to. Since the product has not launched yet, we can not say more about it. If you want to go to the homepage of fast commissions click here or if you want to see a winning product that helped many people start generating income, check it here.


Blogging With John Chow Review : Scam or Legit?

December 14th, 2012 Comments off

Blogging With John Chow is a new product by the legendary John Chow where he lays down a simple yet powerful system to create a blog that generates real income for many years. I heard about this guy many years ago and I have been following what he is doing ever since. I read a couple of his ebooks and they are top notch. You can see for yourself that his blog is generating huge amount of traffic. Go to compete .com and insert and you will see that his site generates just above 150,000 monthly unique visitors which is huge and it can be converted into huge income obviously.

So John has been long online and he saw lots of systems and Search engine updates coming and going but his sites as I followed it, has not been affected and that is due to his system he uses everyday. If you go to his site you will notice that there is a list building feature and this is the key for his success as he says. Because he builds massive amount of subscribers which he can definitely market to later on. If there is any new post on his blog by himself or guest bloggers, he notifies his subscribers and most of them visit that post which means his site traffic is continuous even if the search engines ban his site.

So is a system john uses himself to generate enormous amount of traffic and revenue. He describes everything in a step by step manner and he withholds nothing. His system will result in traffic jumping from the search engines to your blog in a few months. He also reveals how you can automate the whole process so that the work you do will be minimal. After generating traffic and revenue, then it is upto you to either sell it for a five figure profit or maximize its traffic and income.

He teaches a number of topics but which are all legal which means that the systems he is describing are according to the terms of the search engines and the blog and you can rest assured that your site will not be slapped a it is popular with the search engines these days. He touches every aspect of successful blog launching including choosing domain name, content creation, getting visitors, branding and monetization.

John Chow has been shown on different television channels and he also appeared in several magazines and newspapers. If you intend making money online, then you can trust this man because he has some solid reputation all over the net. And if you follow his system as laid out, it has to bring in results because his system IS proven. Find out more on Blogging With John Chow HERE.