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Sales Funnels Increase Your Sales – Good Practices

November 17th, 2012 Comments off

As an internet marketer, we must have heard about sales funnels and if we buy some products we must have seen the funnels ourselves. Sales funnels are important part to increasing your sales volume. The funnels are set up by the product owner as he thinks is feasible or more profitable. For example he may do something like an optin form in his sales page. As visitors optin to his newsletter, that visitor can be redirected to some kind of product or his own product and if he buys it, there may come an upsell of that product which is mostly related to the main product. If he refuses to buy the upsell then there comes a downsell which basically is a reduced price or discount of the upsell. There can also be backend products you promote in their email after they optin to your newsletter.

Sales funnels are common these days. We almost do not see any product that sales a single product without any upsell or one time offer or an upgrade. The idea is to increase sales volume from the same amount of visitors. But truly speaking I think it is being overdone and it is loosing its effectiveness as it was before. I myself am fed up of upsells and then downsells and cross sells. It is just a little over these days. Don’t you think it irritates you to find out the price of a product to be 37 dollars and as you purchase, a load of upsells and downsells before you even download your purchase. I don’t think anyone is comfortable with that.

But if done right, it is profitable and not irritating to the end customer. Some genuine marketers even tell you if there is an upgrade for the product you buy before you pay for it. If it is a one upgrade I think it is fine or even two upsells can be fine. With a reasonable addition of value people can be okay to pay that but when it is a load of upsells, that can not be fine.

I would like to add one tool almost every product owner is using to increase his sales and it works. It is exit splash. Whenever a visitor tries to leave your page and clicks the close button in the browser, a popup window opens and displays a discount or an optin form. This truly increases sales but even this is done wrongly sometimes. As we discussed the irritating upsells and downsells, then this too can become irritating when done above normal. Some product pages will never let go of a visitor and present offer after offer with a pop up. I believe it is okay if you may do it 2 times i.e 2 pop ups. But imagine how annoying it will be if you encounter 5 pop ups as you try to leave the page you are visiting? I leave this to your own judgment to see how many pop ups is okay with you and possibly with other people.

In general we can increase our sales using these strategies but we have to consider the feelings of our customers or our website visitors. And we can find for ourselves the best practices of doing this. Or we can learn from other experienced marketers their insight on this and implement them testing and seeing the results. We can even ask our visitors their opinion and collect polls to find out what is the best practice.

Top Clickbank Products 2012/2013 – Clickbank picks

November 16th, 2012 Comments off

From time to time the number of people trying to make extra money online is increasing exponentially. Many people are even thinking of making their living from home because it is more advantageous and profitable. But what most people face as they start searching is that there are lots of concepts to make money online. The moment you try following one system the other pops up in your email and it is hard to follow a single system. Before you even try following one system, you are not sure if it delivers or not. But if you find a working system by chance, then you could succeed in record time.

Some people tell you genuinely what works, others just don’t care about the truth but what they care is to make some money off of you. Here I would like to show you the products recommended by CLICKBANK itself that could help you make money online. I will select only 4 of them and tell you what they are about.

  1. FOUNDERFLY : Is a training product by Ryan Lee who has been online for many years and he has trained a number of people and led them to success. One of the people that were trained by Ryan lee is the one million dollar per month guy (yes 1 million per month) Mike Geary. He gives the credit for his success to Ryan Lee. This product has almost all of the trainings one needs to succeed online. It has 30 products on topics such as: Creating successful continuity programs, how to systematize your business, premium pricing formula, Free Grassroots traffic, The Host Model (doing interviews of successful people), How to Attract Super Affiliates, The Ultimate guide to Facebook advertising, Mobile Unleashed, Staying Fresh ( what is working now), The Information Marketing Blueprint and others. These are just few of what you will get in the members area. Each course is a video training of one hour to eight hours. This is by Far the best training that will lead straight to success.
  2. AFFILORAMA: This product is created by Mark Ling. He has a track record of training so many successful internet marketers – over 200,000 of them. Affilorama is about creating successful websites that rank higher in the search engines and drive traffic. We all know that search engines traffic is the most targeted type of traffic and it converts easily. It is also free which means your advertising cost will be zero. He has software tools that automate the whole process of creating profitable websites. You will also learn a number of topics on becoming even more successful.
  3. CHRIS FARRELL MEMBERSHIP: Is also a training program that is specially geared to newbie’s. It starts from the basics of affiliate marketing and goes step by step to the more advanced topics. It deals with creating profitable websites and driving search engines traffic. It also deals with a number of traffic generating modules including Facebook and Twitter. This training program has been rated number one by IM report card which is a review and rating website. Now if you are a total newbie I suggest giving this product a shot. Because this product goes from the most basic topic to an advanced topic in a step by step manner.
  4. NICHE PROFIT CLASSROOM: Is a training program for a quick and lasting income from the internet. The creators Adam Short & Alen Sultanic made a very fantastic membership product that has everything to get started fast. Niche Profit Classroom also deals with creating profitable niche websites with the aid of software. Prior to creating these websites they have keyword research tool that will help you identify which keyword is easier to rank in Google and at the same time more profitable. They have a number of software tools that help create and launch profitable websites fast.

When looking all these 4 products which are recommended by Clickbank, they have one thing in common – creating profitable websites which generate search engines traffic. If you have been struggling to make any money online, it was also the same with me quite for a long time until I started driving search engines traffic. After that making money online has become easier. This is why these products work and if you are serious about making money online, it is wise investing on one of this products and STICK with them because you will see results in a short time. Wish you all the best.

PROFIT HACKS Of Rich Schefren Review

November 13th, 2012 Comments off is Rich Schefren’s Latest product where he delivers pure content that is so powerful for the development and sustenance of any business be it online or offline. Rich has been in this business quite for a long time and he trained the most known people in the internet community and helped them build million dollar businesses. People like Jim Edwards & Mike Filsaime who we know currently as very successful are coached by Rich.

Rich is the person that made internet marketing a real business. He designed the strategies that would help anyone build his online empire in a record time. I cannot emphasize enough what a coaching program like this can do to anyone intending to begin an online business or anyone who has already begun the journey but have not seen the real results. The 1million dollar per month guy Mike Geary, who has a weight loss product in Clickbank was coached by Ryan Lee. On and on can we see that many of the success stories we see today have their roots in some powerful coaching.

Now his training is out lined in his page PROFIT HACKS. It is about how to multiply our income while working 90 percent less than what we are doing right now. It is about leveraging your efforts where you do the work once and get paid again and again. It is also about time hacks where we learn how we can become market leaders in working for a few minutes daily. It is also about content creation and syndicating it all over the net for effective exposure.

It is also about product creation where you will learn on how you can create a successful product yourself or outsource it in the best hands in the market which almost guarantees the success of your product. He also reveals the tools he uses everyday to automate the whole process without which the job would be boring.

Everything will be presented in a step by step manner and it will be clear for everybody that takes the course. The best part of this coaching program is that it is a proven way to success that has proven to work time and time again. If you are serious about succeeding online or offline and if you have no clue or if you are a little confused, there is no better place than Profit Hacks. Though the price seems a little hefty, it is cheaper than if you were to take a personal coach. So if you are thinking of having a coach of success then Rich is the way to go who helped so many people achieve their income level in record time. Find out more on PROFIT HACKS HERE.

IM With Jamie 3.0 by Jamie Lewis Review

November 12th, 2012 Comments off

IM With Jamie 3 is the launch of the day with the biggest names in internet marketing aboard. Jamie Lewis and Andrew X has joined hands now to give the best internet marketing training and the tools that are vital which really help in the process.

This product is a coaching program that covers all of the currently working internet marketing strategies that are result oriented than a mere course you saw before. This is a mentoring program by Jamie and Andrew X which has everything they learned to build their million dollar businesses and it will really help people start generating income online fast.

It deals with creating profitable websites that generate free search traffic with little effort and as they rank and generate traffic then you can do many things to generate your income. You can sell advertising space on them or you may promote your affiliate products.

At the same time you will learn how you may build your list which is essential to your online business. No internet business stands without this pillar called a list. As much important as it is, these guys will show you how you can build your list faster and at the same time generate income as you are building your list.

What are the cutting edge sources of traffic these guys use other than the search engines, you will see that these guys are clever in generating free traffic to their sites without toiling for it and unless you are utilizing those techniques, your business’s growth will severely suffer. Also we should know a kind of traffic that will make a difference in our business. This traffic is called buyer traffic and there are ways to know where we can get them and we will see how we can get that for free.

In 3 Jamie Lewis and Andrew X will hold us by the hand and teach us everything that makes a real difference in our business. With their mentorship it is hard to go astray because they are giving us what is currently working as a result it will lead us to success.

I can not emphasize enough what mentorship can do for us. It is the shortest path to success. We can surely find the ways to success but it is more expensive and it takes more time. If you are really serious about making money online then take advantage of these guys’ mentorship. Find out more on IM with Jamie 3.0 HERE.