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Cash Flow Commissions Review

October 31st, 2012 Comments off

Cash flow commissions has just launched by Steven Lewis. It is a training product on how you can make money online fast. It has 23 video trainings on free methods and paid methods that are cheaper. In general it is about making money online as an affiliate mostly using free methods.

Home Page of Cash Flow Commissions

Now this product feels appealing but the author has not given us a single proof of income. In this case it might not mean anything because earning pictures CAN be faked. Or he may have been making mediocre income from the net but we can not be sure however.

When we come to making money online it has two main ingredients and they are targeted website traffic and a converting product that visitors will buy when they come to your page. We may add the third ingredient of list building. List building increases your income exponentially and makes Internet marketing a real push button experience because that is exactly what is going to happen. You “send” an ad to your list and when you check your account later on, you have made money. So list building is also essential.

And the HARDEST part of making money online is generating targeted traffic to your affiliate offers or products. So many products try to scratch the surface of the traffic puzzle and many could not deliver because traffic is essentially equal to money. And where there is money there is always competition and online business is no different. But if you tackle and  solve this puzzle and start generating targeted visitors to your articles or affiliate links, then you will make money.

In this case the paid route is always available for money. You pay some money and they will send traffic to your pages. The problem is paid traffic requires extreme testing and tweaking. You have to test and tweak every ad you send. Sometimes there may be the need for making use of ad trackers which track your ad in the keyword level and report to you which of your ads are generating income. Or else you could be advertising blindly and you could easily become bankrupt fast. So I do not support paid advertising for newbie’s because it can lead you to become broke fast.

Then I would suggest trying those products that deal with easy search engine traffic as Bring The Fresh. This product requires you to have a website but it deals with generating search engines traffic which is highly targeted and it leads to sales. Or else you may want to have a look at Cash Flow Commissions HERE.

Making Money Online My Way

October 30th, 2012 Comments off

The thought of making money online is really interesting. I was hooked the moment I saw this great opportunity. Working only when you want, time freedom and financial freedom are some of the benefits of making money online. Besides the thought of working from anywhere in the whole world got my attention and am still digging deeper in it.

As it is common with newbie’s, I thought I can make it happen in a few weeks. But as time goes on I almost despaired because it was not happening. It became so tough making even a single sale. I tried the best I could but it was not happening. The first system I tried was MLM. I was introduced to it by the first ever person I found about internet marketing – Stone Evans. His story initiated me and I felt as if I could make that happen in a few days or weeks. I joined SFI (Six Figure Income) as recommended by him and I also joined other affiliate programs. I tried hard promoting in classified sites, article sites … what I remember is that I got some 3 referrals in SFI and as I was asked to upgrade to get the commission, I couldn’t do it for lack of money.

Then I tried randomizers where you just sign up with a fixed fee and the system itself randomly pays members. By chance I got one payment and none other than that. Then I left that and went to HYIP – high yield investment programs. It got my attention because you are only required to invest some money and the money grows in some rate and you can withdraw it when you want it. Well I tried with a couple of 10 dollars. I was not paid – I lost. I tried similar program but that asks you to view ads everyday. I was paid here with a few returns. I am amazed to see that these programs are still operating. It may have worked for some people but this is why they do not work I think, People joining the programs are there to earn themselves. And when they see that they could not earn, they are not satisfied customers and if there is a chance, they want to refund but there is no such option and they will eventually discontinue as there is no profit for them. The same is true with MLM programs. The only ones benefiting are the up lines.

After struggling for three years, I came to study how it is possible to win in this game and I found out that many people are talking about writing review articles about some products as making them money. Then I made up my mind to try it. I wrote review articles about some products and I couldn’t rank the articles I write in the search engines. Then I found out a way of ranking them in the first page. After that I begin seeing some sales. Hooray I continued what I was doing and I increased my sales. Here is the details of how I make money online- it is free. Now that I would like to admit that the competition is tough. I am doing that even now and the competition has grown like 3 times. But I also made use of my own site and list building. I am now growing my online business and I believe I will soon break even. When I do I will report here.

Founder Fly by Ryan Lee Review

October 29th, 2012 Comments off

Founder Fly has been launched by Ryan Lee an honest internet marketer who has coached a number of affiliates to succeed online. I was stunned to find out that he coached the 1 million dollar per month guy Mike Geary. Mike Geary is the owner of “The Truth About Abs” a Clickbank  product that is high ranking in Clickbank all through the year. Ryan himself has a bunch of other products that he is making a killing from.

Now when we come to the product Founder Fly, it is a complete training system anyone can have being a member. It is subscription based membership program but the training and software tools you will get are way more than the amount you pay for the membership. The video training is 1-8 hour per course. This is what you will be getting in the training and as a member.

-How to generate big profits from $ 5/month membership sites:

Ryan is known to have his own membership sites that earn him a fortune and he really knows how to retain members. He is sharing his tips and techniques that makes all the difference.

-How to systematize your business:

It is essential that you systematize your business which helps people to follow you through easily.

-The premium Pricing Formula:

Here he teaches how you can charge more for your products and services.

-Free Grassroots traffic:

How to get thousands of free visitors the easy way. Without the free traffic system your business’s profit will be in jeopardy.

-The Host Model:

How to build your business doing interviews.

-How to attract super affiliates:

You might as well call this how to get super affiliate JVs. Especially this one makes all the difference. Because JVs can build your list and make you instant big income.

-The ultimate guide to Facebook advertising:

The social giant is less exploited by marketers and we need to learn Ryan’s system to drive hordes of website traffic from Facebook.

-The best of the recurring revenue report:

Recurring income is what creates passive wealth and we need to implement this strategy if we are supposed to get paid for a long time for a one time work.

-Mobile Marketing Unleashed:

How to tap into the Future of traffic. Mobile owners are surpassing Pc owners and many people use their mobile devices to browse and shop online. It is the right time to take advantage of this fresh traffic source.

Now we have gone through only half of what Ryan has for us in Founder Fly. If we really want to succeed online, we need to give ear to this honest and successful internet marketer. Find out more on Founder Fly HERE.

Easy Binary Income Review

October 29th, 2012 Comments off

Easy Binary Income has just launched today on October 29. It is a money making system which has software in the package that makes winning trades in the Forex market easy. The Forex market is the real wealth creation medium that you can reach your income level in a short time. But we need to know how to play the game well and Easy Binary Income shows us how. What makes Forex business interesting is that it does not require website development, SEO, list building and other stuffs as other internet marketing systems do. With the right strategy and software you can be in profit from day one.

Home page of Easy Binary Income

The binary trading system is the latest Forex trading system that simplifies the process of finding profitable trades. Because here we are going to analyze only two variables and they are: we want to know if graphs of trades are moving upward or downward. A steadily moving trade is not going to make us money so we exclude that and we enter for those upward moving trades. After some minutes we earn 75 percent of out investments. It doesn’t get easier than this.

There are reliable brokers that give us the opportunity to invest in this system and they also provide us with the insider information on the movements of the trades.

The main product of this system is Easy Binary Income Software & Training. In the training everything will be explained about how it is done. Then comes Easy Binary Income Pro Software which has more advanced features. There is also Easy Binary Income Manual Strategy training that will reveal how to do Forex trade without the use of software. All systems work but their value add if we can make use of them all instead of a single one.

Though we all know that big corporations including banks use foreign exchange to make a huge profit, we couldn’t do anything to take our share before. But now that very system of profiting in the forex trading is available to the general public and we can start with a minimal investment of hundred US bucks. As we invest back what we earn, our profit will soar in a short time. As there is no need of finding customers in this business model, the work we will do is minimal as compared to other systems. It truly doesn’t get easier than this.

Home Page of Easy Binary Income.