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Get money here Review

September 20th, 2012 Comments off

Get money here has just been release. It is a money making system which requires no extra expense apart from the course. It is making money online by getting traffic from Local job offer websites. The idea is simple but you need to know exactly how it is done to make it work properly. This is how it goes: you find those job offering sites from Google and you signup to post your job offer with your email. Then people visiting that site seeking a job will see those ads and contact you via the email you have there.

Before posting your ad, you have got to set up the system using gmail. Gmail has a vacation feature which can respond to anyone sending you email. Now you have to format the response email as they show you in a sample autoresponse email. In the email you tell them that there are many openings for people interested in assisting with short stories, movie scripts, sales scripts, articles, news feeds, blog posts and more.  And you tell them to visit a site (your affiliate link) to register and tell them that they will be contacted within a day. That is all.

As the jobseeker sends you email for more information after seeing the ad, Gmail will send an automatic response for that person telling them to visit a site to complete registration. That visitor lands on a product which is related to his need. This is important that your affiliate product should be something related to a job because those guys are interested in getting a job. And there are a number of job offers in many affiliate networks. This way some of the visitors will buy the product which means you made money.

I saw many money making systems but this one truly is new to me and I believe this has a potential to make people money. They also have a done for you deal that cuts the time it takes to set up the whole process. The creator of this product says if done right 100 people can send you email to learn more and which in turn get your affiliate link from gmail and you will make money on those guys. And for those guys that are buying job products like writing job etc…, it can help them make money which means it will be a win win situation for all. Find out more on Get money here.

The Internet Automation plan of Lee McIntyre Review

September 15th, 2012 Comments off

The Internet Automation plan of Lee McIntyre is a complete internet business training with tools that will automate your internet marketing business to give you more success and freedom of time. This product has been for sale for 997 dollars but now he is releasing it for a measly 5 bucks. McIntyre has not been successful in his early days of internet business however after failing many times he finally cracked the code and now he can do anything he wants due to the time freedom his wealth brought in.

This course has 5 modules which goes step by step in the process of successful internet marketing business establishment. The first module deals about “building your automatic engine.” He reveals his own marketing principles that led him to succeed fast. He also gives his own automating tool to speed up the process. The second Module is “Auto Recurring Income” He teaches here how to ethically reap recurring commissions from customers. He not only tells what to do but also what not to do.

The third module is “the power of secret whispers” Here he teaches sneaky ways of marketing to people. The baseline however is giving great value to people which everyone should do in their business. The fourth module is about driving “Masses of traffic on autopilot.” Traffic is the major aspect of online marketing because if no one sees your product, no one buys it meaning no commission. But he doesn’t teach old school traffic generation here like article writing and social media marketing. Instead he shows how to get those people who already has those things already and send you their traffic with ease. He calls it a complete hands free traffic.

Then in the Fifth module he teaches how to “duplicate yourself many times over” which is scaling your business by getting other people do the work for you. This duplication creates the volume of wealth that can literally change your life forever. McIntyre’s strategy is really one of its kind and he is also highly sought after internet marketing coach. It is always critical to learn from people that know what they are talking about. The other day I read about one person in Clickbank earning nearly 1 million dollars every month. Yes you read that right it is nearly 1 million per month and you know what he gives the credit to his internet marketing coach. McIntyre is also the best internet marketing coach one can have. Find out more about The Internet Automation plan HERE.


September 15th, 2012 Comments off has just launched to give service of generating free search engines traffic. I knew that Squidoo is a highly trafficked site and was curious to find out how many unique visitors this site was generating per month and checked it in It was a staggering 8 million! This doesn’t happen in vain. It is because Google is in favor of Squidoo lenses (articles) that it sends too many visitors to its pages. If we have been browsing the net for some time chances are that we have already saw some of those lenses ourselves.

This is how this service called USQUIDOO will benefit us. It first gets us website visitors directly from the articles (2000 + words) they will write for us. Secondly those Squidoo pages give our pages link juice which pushes our sites higher in the search results. This means it helps our site to appear higher in the search engines to give us website visitors. And search engines traffic is the highest targeted traffic affiliates can get. If you have been struggling to make money online, that means you haven’t tried targeted search engines traffic. Because if you have it, you WILL make money!

The service is not some automated software generated content which we can find else where. The articles written are by real human experts and they add pictures in them to have better reader experience. Nowadays we know that Google is cracking on duplicate content and spinned content. None of those penalties are going to happen with these high quality Squidoo lenses. Many people have thousands of lenses on Squidoo and they are making passive income just from that.

USQUIDOO service will also give 3 indexing services and 100 blog commenting for two weeks. It also pings the URLs to two hundred sites for fast indexing. The Squidoo lenses themselves are PR7 and they boost the ranking of sites when we have links on them. This is fantastic service and can result in sales in a short time. Find out more on USQUIDOO HERE.

Ps. One more thing to remember is that the Squidoo  lens remains yours forever because there is no cost attached to it. Which means it can keep on driving traffic as long as Squidoo lives.

Chronic Commissions 2.0 of Corey Lewis & Winter Valko Review

September 7th, 2012 Comments off

Chronic Commissions 2.0 is the latest product by Corey Lewis & Winter Valko which is a second version on the previous Chronic commission. This product has been a hit when it launched back then and it worked for many of the customers because it was built on a working system that can get results in a short time. And now it is even more powerful than ever because it adds the latest techniques and resources that will get results fast. Now let me explain why this product can work faster.

Chronic Commissions is based on building targeted list and this list building is speed up by making use of solo ads. The solo ads directory are not some warn out useless list but they have tested and collected these sources so customers can get best optin rates to their list. Once you built your list and with the process they show you, you can start making sales almost instantly.

The old saying “the money is in the list” is still true. Every internet marketing guru has hundreds of thousands email list and they have no problem driving traffic to any offer. They just copy and paste the promotional email and blast to their database. When they come in the night time and check their account, it is full of sales. This is the real push button system but it takes some time to build it.

Now these guys have been in the business for a long time and they really know the ins and outs of internet marketing and they can help you build your business in a short time. I really regret the time I spent NOT building my own list through these years. Had I started building it back then I would have increased my income 10 fold. Well this is the real deal guys but since it is created on paid system, you have got to be prepared to spend some money on SOLO ads. But it is worth it. Find out more on  Chronic Commissions 2 HERE.