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Sky builder Review

July 11th, 2012 Comments off

Sky builder has just been launched today by Greg Jacobs. It is a system that allows anyone to tap into local markets with an offer they can not refuse. It is a software tool that can create mobile applications for local businesses that will help them run their business fast. The simplicity of the software lies in the availability of templates that can be customized. If you want to make an application for medical doctor then there is a template for that and if you want to make an application for a plumber you can also have that template which you can customize.

This is how you go about creating the application for local businesses. First you make search in Google with the keyword you want plus location. For instance if you search “ophthalmologist Denver” you shall get a number of local businesses in Google. You choose and open one listing and find out the details about that company. Then you come to the Sky Builder software and start building the application appropriate for that business. After finishing, you contact that business owner to make deal with them and close sale.

Now that the idea is fine and anyone can do that after taking the training. But I wish to stress that this requires to have the heart to negotiate with people. And everybody is for sure different but as for me, I choose to make money online because I do not want to negotiate with people directly. I can easily get frustrated at the thought of people refusing to be convinced with my idea. But this is my personal opinion on the type of business I like. For some people that may not be a challenge and those people can succeed at that.

But if you intend to make money online other than the local businesses, and if you are seeking to know which product truly works, then look no further than Google Sniper. I know that this product works because I am using it now. It has a fantastic training on how to drive search engines traffic which is highly targeted and which converts. This is how I started to make money after failing so many times. I started generating search engines traffic and voilla! Money started showing up in my affiliate account. Wish you all the best.

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Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 Review

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 has just launched by Dan Brock a seasoned internet marketer. He is known by the name deadbeat millionaire. He has produced a number of quality make money online products before, that were popular amongst Internet marketers. Now he comes with a bang with this software tool that can increase your page’s traffic enormously. The software works in different platforms be it wordpress or Joomla or even php sites. And the interface is user friendly to be accessible even by a dummy.

Now as you login in your backoffice of the software, you get different tabs with different functions. You will get ten traffic machines in there. The first one is a ladder traffic machine which is a floating sidebar widget that allows people to share your posts or vote. Then you get in-content traffic machine which allows you to insert what ever you like inside of a post. The other one is an unblockable exit pop up machine which you ca use in many different ways including list building. Even though there are preset templates, the looks of these traffic machines can be customized to your liking.

There is also a split testing and website traffic tracking feature of this software which can show you where you are getting traffic from and which one of the traffic machines you built are driving more traffic. The other feature is the traffic network integration which means the software can broadcast your content into thousands of web 2 properties which in turn increases traffic. There are also other features not mentioned here which you can see inside the members area.

Generally speaking this software can make a difference in your marketing efforts. It helps you maximize the effectiveness of your web page and at the same time automates lots of jobs. As Dan created very useful products before, this one is even more powerful and will definitely increase traffic and conversion. Find out more on HERE.

Instant Profit Pages Review

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

Instant Profit Pages just launched today by Ian Ross & Paul T. It is a software tool that can create Facebook pages fast with fantastic templates and with your affiliate links. When seeing the pages created, you can understand that they convert easily and the product seems to work. But I have two things against this product. The first one is since the change in Facebook pages interface, visitors do not get in touch with the front fan pages directly. Instead what visitors see when they come to your fan page is, a timeline based page. To see the actual page you designed, they have to click on WELCOME. And how many people will do that? I will leave it to your imagination.

The other problem with this product I think is that they do not tell you where you are going to get traffic. No matter how much pages you create on Facebook, they can not generate traffic on their own even if they are on the traffic giant’s page. You either have to push with paid advertising or you should optimize it for the search engines to find it and drive the traffic from them. Or you should be able to do viral marketing. Which all take time and money. On top of that you also need to have the skill.

Even if you manage to drive some traffic, the whole traffic is not going to find your affiliate page because as we said it earlier, visitors do not land on the fan page directly instead they land on the timeline based page and they will not see the pages you created unless they click on welcome. Then you can see how this can highly reduce the number of people getting to the actual fan page. So for this product to work, you should have a load of traffic or you should know how to market virally. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money there. If you want to make money genuinely by generating search engines traffic then Check out Bring The Fresh.

But if you think you can drive traffic to the fanpages created anyways and want to visit instant profit pages homepage click here.

FB Ad Clone Review

July 5th, 2012 Comments off

Facebook (FB) ad Clone has just been released today and I am giving you an overall view of the product to help you guys find out what it is about. It is created by Tim Atkinson a known internet marketer. What you get from this product is training on how to generate effective traffic from Facebook ads and there is  also a software tool that spies on profitable ads and clones them for you so you can be in profit in no time at all.

It is actually interesting to hear what this software can do to marketers because as we all know it, paid advertising always depends on testing and tweaking which takes reasonable amount of time and money too. Then if the software finds out those ads that are already generating income for the advertisers, then it is a big help!

In the members area you will find different tabs leading to different sections. These are the training video modules

1. Set up FB advertising account
2. Facebook ad platform overview
3. FB ads to external links (Tim’s quick start)
4. FB ads to Fan Pages (Jameson’s quick start)
5. FB core training
6. Software Training.

Now that it is important to go through the training modules before jumping for the software right away. Tim’s quick start training has a number of videos which was released before as a separate product. It has very quality information that can literally drive people into success with Facebook ads. The other one is the quick start training by Jameson which is also an intensive training that touches everything. Combined you have in your belt a Facebook marketing knowledge that can be translated into cash if you apply it.

Now that I basically do not recommend many of these days products because most often they lack something. But this one I recommend it as it has the best training and software tool that will really help. But remember that as this product deals with paid ads, you need to be capable of spending few hundreds in FB ads to see results. If you work on it seriously, it works. Find out more on the home page of

If you do not think this is for you, but wish to make money other ways, look no further than dot com secrets.