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Marketing On The Fringe 3.0 Review

June 29th, 2012 Comments off

Marketing on the Fringe 3.0 is a product by Bill Mc Rea. Bill has been in the business for a long time and he produced a number of money making products. This product is a software tool which is a wordpress plugin that automates the whole process of content creation and optimization and also backlinks. Of course automation is important in online marketing but the question is does this product actually work? Does it drive visitors from the search engines? If it can drive visitors from the search engines it is a winner.

These are the basic things in traffic generation from the search engines: Unique content and backlinks. Without these two it simply doesn’t work. So what does Marketing on The Fringe give us? The plugin populates the websites it creates with articles from 14 different sources. But to avoid duplicate content penalty, the system uses 3rd party article spinner called The Best Spinner ($77/yr) which is of course a good spinner that many people are using right now. So the duplicate content penalty is avoided.

The second is backlinks and here this product gives intensive training on how to create backlinks to your pages. The plugin also has a backlinks module on web 2 properties. So basically what it does is that it builds backlinks on web 2 properties and the training gives a guide on building effective backlinks. This again solves the backlinks aspect of website creation.

Generally the product is great because it has everything we want in the process of website creation and driving traffic. The plugin also supports sub domains; add on domains and folders with no restrictions on the amount of websites you can create. We also got ad manager and exit traffic monetization modules.   Talk about automation, we have got it here. Finally this system works with self hosted domains which means you need to have your own website which you can get for $7 per month plus one time $15 for the domain. Find out more on HERE.

Best 3 of All Money Making Products

June 27th, 2012 Comments off


What do you think? This product is about creating targeted websites on specific niches that are easier to rank in Google. So it starts driving traffic and sales from Google as the traffic is highly targeted. Method still works in the Google updates of penguin and EMD.$ 97 one time


Google Sniper of George BrownThis incredible product helps create sniper sites that rank high in Google and drive free targeted traffic which easily converts. It also has lessons on List building & launching products profit.$ 47 dollars monthly.



Dot Com Secrets of Russell BrunsonRussell has been in the business for a long tme and his product helps create affiliate websites, list building and growing your online income. Fantastic product.$ 97 per month with 1 dollar trial.



Blog Profit Network Review

June 27th, 2012 Comments off

Blog Profit Network has just been launched by Marcus Campbell. As the name says , It is about creating blogs that rank high in the search engines and drive free traffic to your ads so you can make money. He has been working for a number of companies and he really knows how to make it when we come to driving traffic from the search engines. For a fast action profit he has 7 days  program where he shows a blog being built from a scratch and start generating traffic within that time period.

The other aspect of the program is the 8 modules of training on successful blog creation. He starts from choosing a niche, keyword research, content creation, traffic generation and finding affiliate offers. He walks you through in a step by step manner that even a newbie can follow easily. There is also a webinar he prepared to help people even more with their setting up of profitable blogs.  You can go through the webinar anytime you want because it will be recorded.

The content of the webinar is as follows:

  1. Keyword selection
  2. Buying domain and WordPress installation
  3. Installing the right plugins that will optimize the blog
  4. On page optimization for search engines and conversion
  5. SEO optimization
  6. Unique content creation
  7. Updating your page
  8. Knowing the market and approaching accordingly
  9. About your page’s theme
  10. High profit conversion techniques
  11. Building your list
  12. Adding ads in the right places for maximum profit.

Each webinar will run just below one hour and it covers the necessary topics in the blog profit business model. As we all know it, search engines traffic is the best targeted traffic that will convert into hard cash. The best part is once your site ranks for some keywords, it will drive FREE Traffic to your site and then making money is inevitable. Find out more on

Commission Shortcut Review

June 25th, 2012 Comments off has just launched today by Chris Freville. He promised to give people an easy to use money making system with fast results. But what is this product about? It is about creating Viral PDF ebooks with your affiliate links embedded in them. Then as they go viral they generate their own traffic and if people buy from the link within that document, you will be paid. It sounds good but the idea has been around and there are other products similar to this one but those products do not work as promised. Let me say this, Since only little is revealed about this product I can not say it doesn’t work. As I found the whole truth I will write the whole idea here again.

But what makes a product work and not to work boils down to its ability to generate targeted traffic and a system that converts that traffic into cash to you. Most of these days products hardly tackle the traffic problem. I am talking about free traffic here because paid traffic is there for everybody. If anyone has the money, he can tap into paid traffic instantly. But for free traffic, it is not as such easy. Your website need to have unique and quality content and it should also have relevant backlinks. If anyone thinks he can do these things himself then I agree that it can be done but it is going to take time which in turn is money. Or if you hire anyone to do it right, you eventually end up paying for the free traffic.

So what I am trying to say is, if a product does not prove to generate targeted traffic, then it might require you to buy the traffic which is of course expensive. And if you don’t have any clue as to how to go around with a paid traffic, you will loose money fast. So it is fine to follow working ways of generating search engines traffic which is highly targeted and most converting type of traffic. In this instance I would like to suggest Bring The Fresh. But If you want to find out more about Commission Shortcut, Click HERE.