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Biggest CPA offer ever! Please read below!

May 27th, 2012 No comments

Before being judgmental,  please read what this is all about. Now the product is IMlobby by Anik Singal and he is releasing this money making product with a CPA model. This is how. You promote his offer and for every 1 dollar trial sign up, he is going to pay you 55 dollars. This is what makes it interesting! There is no waiting period for your commission to arrive as it used to. You get people to sign up for the 1 dollar trial offer and Anik sends you the commissions within 7 days.

The product is a money making website creation tool like nothing you saw before. Of course there are a number of website builders but what makes this unique is that it builds the pages so fast and gets them in Google’s first page for some keywords. This I guess is something every affiliate marketer wants and I believe it will make a difference in their marketing efforts. This is the single challenging part of internet marketing – driving SEO traffic. And this IM lobby tool makes easy SEO traffic a reality.

So if you have a list or if you want to promote this offer signup by clicking HERE. You will get all the promotional materials inside the back office. Let’s make some money guys!

However if you want to take advantage of this product, you may click here. As said earlier, the principle of seo traffic is known. Basically there are three things required. A website optimized for the search engines, a unique content (articles) and credible backlinks. If you can get these things in your website, then you can surely get SEO traffic. The problem is no one has the time to write these unique articles, and no one can build these powerful backlinks on his own. You can let some people do this for you which means it can cost you money. Of course you can make these things happen if you can pay for them.

Here comes IMlobby. It gives you both unique articles and an optimized page. IM lobby will not bother about backlinks because it gets you traffic for keywords that are less competitive and so your page can rank for those keywords without the need for backlinks. Anik has shown in a live webinar that his sites ranked in the first page of Google. check the webinar here.

Membership to go by Jimmy D. Brown Review

May 15th, 2012 No comments

Membership to go ( is a product by Jimmy D. Brown. It is a membership package that allows anyone to create a membership site for a monthly subscription. To make this up yourself, it can take an arm and a leg and hours of effort. However this product will not do you any good if you do not have the desire to have a membership site that takes payments every month to make you big money. Of course it seems a little intimidating at first but what if Jimmy made it up all for you? A done for you deal?

His business model is really fantastic. For example if the membership site will have subscribers of 200 people each paying $ 27 monthly, then the monthly income would be 27 x 200 = 5400 which is good sum of passive money. And since the subscribers get quality content, they stick around for long. For the quality of the content Jimmy gave his guarantee that if you do not like it, can ask for a refund anytime within the 60 day warranty period.

In this model of internet business, you have two options of delivering content to subscribers. The first one is giving consecutive content, the current building on the previous information. And the second one is a separate content being delivered weekly which is complete by itself. In the first style the content is delivered weekly and in the second, it is delivered monthly. You can choose any that suits your audience.

This membership site requires having an autoresponder. The weekly or monthly messages are going to be delivered via autoreponders. And jimmy has prepared everything that anyone taking the offer will have to only plug and play. All the weekly or the monthly messages are arranged to go out respectively for the whole year and you do not have to lift a finger. Find out more on

Constant cash machine Review

May 15th, 2012 No comments

Constant cash machine has just been launched by Melford and Concetta Bibens & John Hayward. Please read to the end as I give you my understanding concerning this product. I will tell you if this will work for you or not and I will explain why.

It is a money making system with an online software tool that generates a complete money making website with just few clicks. The software is web based and it shouldn’t be a problem if you are using windows or Mac. As you login to the members area you will be welcomed with an introductory video describing the system in general. The back office is rather simple and seems to have few tabs however it has all the buttons needed to navigate through and do the job.

Now this is what you will be getting in the members area. As you login there are steps you should take after watching the welcome video. Step 1. Getting started video explains everything you need to know to get started with this product. Step 2 & 3. Tells you to join Clickbank and Amazon affiliate programs. Step 4. There is create your website instructional video. Step 5 tells you to watch the videos in the support that explain how to customize the sites created. Step 6. Tells you to rinse and repeat. This is in the welcome page.

And this is how you create your website with Constant Cash Machine. When you click on my sites tab, a page with a list of the pages you created opens and there is a create button. When you click on create, a window opens with lots of options. It gives you its own suggested Clickbank product or you can add your own selection. To change the already selected product, you just click on select another and the software selects another. It also displays all the details of the product you want to have on your site. After you determine the product to promote, click on create to create the page. The page will be created and will be listed in my sites section. The pages created will be populated with articles and ads from Clickbank and Amazon.

Now that is how the software works and in the support section there are videos explaining the whole procedure. There is also training on how to rank the pages created in the search engines so as to drive free search engines traffic.

Constant Cash Machine can be fantastic product but here is my opinion on it. Of course it creates instant sites with all the ads and daily posted articles on them but I am afraid they are not going to generate search engines traffic because of duplicate content. So here is what I want to say concerning the product. If you intend to drive traffic through paid method then it will work for you. But if you hope you will get search engines traffic, it most probably will not work. For SEO traffic I suggest Google Sniper of George brown. Find out more on the homepage of

Outveo Review

May 12th, 2012 No comments

Outveo has been launched to ease the outsourcing task you may want to give to others. This product is the best option if you are supposed to do most of your business on outsourcing. There are lots of details in outsourcing that you want to mention to your workers and OotVEO makes it a breath.  I repeatedly used to outsource a number of jobs and at times I found it less satisfying because the worker just misses some detail or makes some mistake. But such things will not happen with a tool like OutVeo.

It is a known fact that we all do not have all the time to accomplish whatever is in our mind. This is true in the virtual world and the real world. That is why a job is necessary. People can not do any job all by themselves or if they try it, it can ruin their whole life. So whenever you are capable of paying somebody, it is just right to hire someone to do the job for you as it frees your time and gets the job done more effectively. So then if you made up your mind to outsource jobs with your internet business then OutVeo is the way to go.

This is what you will get with this outsourcing platform:

  • The OutVeo software script – worth $397.00
  • The Outsourced Backlink Booster – worth $37.00
  • Easy Hiring Templates – worth $27.00
  • Easy Outsourcing Guide – worth $27.00

With a total value of 488.00

You will also learn how to choose the best worker for your projects and you will definitely have a flawless work environment with this software tool because this product is designed as such. You can also see who the best performers are and monitor a number of things from your back office. If you are to outsource many of your online works, then you are at the right place. Find out more on HERE.