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Biggest CPA offer ever! Please read below!

May 27th, 2012 No comments

Before being judgmental,  please read what this is all about. Now the product is IMlobby by Anik Singal and he is releasing this money making product with a CPA model. This is how. You promote his offer and for every 1 dollar trial sign up, he is going to pay you 55 dollars. This is what makes it interesting! There is no waiting period for your commission to arrive as it used to. You get people to sign up for the 1 dollar trial offer and Anik sends you the commissions within 7 days.

The product is a money making website creation tool like nothing you saw before. Of course there are a number of website builders but what makes this unique is that it builds the pages so fast and gets them in Google’s first page for some keywords. This I guess is something every affiliate marketer wants and I believe it will make a difference in their marketing efforts. This is the single challenging part of internet marketing – driving SEO traffic. And this IM lobby tool makes easy SEO traffic a reality.

So if you have a list or if you want to promote this offer signup by clicking HERE. You will get all the promotional materials inside the back office. Let’s make some money guys!

However if you want to take advantage of this product, you may click here. As said earlier, the principle of seo traffic is known. Basically there are three things required. A website optimized for the search engines, a unique content (articles) and credible backlinks. If you can get these things in your website, then you can surely get SEO traffic. The problem is no one has the time to write these unique articles, and no one can build these powerful backlinks on his own. You can let some people do this for you which means it can cost you money. Of course you can make these things happen if you can pay for them.

Here comes IMlobby. It gives you both unique articles and an optimized page. IM lobby will not bother about backlinks because it gets you traffic for keywords that are less competitive and so your page can rank for those keywords without the need for backlinks. Anik has shown in a live webinar that his sites ranked in the first page of Google. check the webinar here.