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Integrals basics in Calculus. I have got a question.

March 2nd, 2012 No comments

I am into the first year of Calculus and it is quite interesting but the subject is a little complicated. The problem with me is that if I do not understand one single thing then the whole thing stopes. Because I have to get the answer to that. Now in integrals the teacher gave us different examples and their answers only. Now I could not figure that out how.

Three of the equations and the anwers that the teacher gave us is:

– Find the integration of 0 with repext to x

ans: 0+c

– Find the integration of 2x with respect to x

ans: x2 (squared) + c

– S 2tdt             …………… S for integral sign

ans: t2 + c

-S 5xdx

Ans: 5×2(sq)/2 + c

Now the first question coming to mind is what the hell is dx.

Now I made a search and several people have already asked what it is because it is a little confusing. And teachers would not tell us what it is. Secondly I could not make a formula in my mind how those answers come about because they are not solved similarly or in some pattern.

Hellow there is there anything wrong with me or how should I go about it??

Post comments if you have an idea. Thanks in advance.