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Google plus ownage Review : Is it scam or legit?

March 16th, 2012 No comments is created by Peng Joon a social marketing enthusiast and as the nameof the product  indicates, it is about the new Google plus service of Google and how you can make a fortune on it. Google plus is a kind of votes for posts or web pages so Google can understand how many people have positive views about it so giving it weight accordingly. In addition to that it is a socializing program just like facebook or twitter but a little different.

Now in Google plus you can have your circle of friends which you add to yourself and you can send them messages or you can notify them anything you want. The second feature of Google plus is that you can group your circles into niches which is very useful for internet marketers. To add people in other known people circles, just open his profile pages and add those people you may be interested in. This way you can accumulate many people in your circles.

The other feature is hangout which is a video call that can accommodate 10 people and it is very interesting feature for internet marketers too. You can select people and hang out with them with state of the art video chatting software. Now that gplusownage teaches how to effectively add people to your circle and make money on them.

The best part of this system is that you get everything from Google for FREE. Since it is in its early stage, we can be sure that there are updates coming to Google plus and so Peng also promises to add updates to his system as they are available. As of now Google has not limited the number of circles you can have but it will most probably do as that of Facebook or Twitter as it becomes very popular. Find out more HERE.

Commissions For Free Review | Commissions For Free Legit or Scam?

March 15th, 2012 No comments has launched with a training program to make people money for free. It is a video training of 10 modules dealing with different free money making solutions. There is also a 40,000 dollars in a week income case study that shows how he made that much money on a matter of a week and yes it is from paid advertising but worth a look. Commissions For Free is presented with a series of easy to understand videos.

 For the purpose of the review I am going to reveal only this first module. This system utilizes forums of little niches. Before you say I know it, please continue reading. You make search for forums with a few users below 5000 members and those forums need not be monetized. You may also use to find those forums. Once you get those forums you contact the person in charge asking him that you want to make a deal with him. Since those forums are not being monetized, you will get a yes sir answer from the moderator. For that matter inside you are given the exact email used to convince these moderators to accept your deal.

Now that posting in forums hoping to make money someday is a really boring work which may not get you results but this is different in that your ad will be shown to all the members whenever they open their popular forum. So you make a deal and post your ad there. After that your ad is live and you are going to get clicks and sales. This is just one of the systems revealed in the Commissions For Free video modules. There are other ways revealed in the other modules that can make you money for free. To be honest with you, I haven’t thought of making money from the forums as it is explained here.

In the bonus areas which rather should be called recommendation products, you will get some of the profitable products which most are from Clickbank. Find out more about HERE.

Sonic List Builder Review | Sonic List Builder Scam or Legit??

March 14th, 2012 No comments has just launched by Chris Moran who is a long time affiliate himself ranking in the top ten of affiliates in several product sales competition for a long time. His product Sonic List Builder does one thing – It builds email list in the internet marketing and Biz opp niche. As it has always been said, the money is truly in the list. So every internet marketer needs to build HIS OWN list if he is supposed to profit from this thing called internet marketing. Your list is your long time profit source which establishes your business.

So this product is server based and Chris gives you 90 specially optimized pages all on a different domain. You will also get updating content and backlinks to these pages regularly. He is promising that you will start seeing emails being built for you within 72 hours. But of course you need an autoreponder account such as getresponse or aweber. The pages support almost all autoreponders. Since the pages are hosted on his server, you do not need anything like domain name or hosting account. Now this looks interesting.

Now as said earlier, these list building squeeze pages are in the internet marketing niche or the biz opp niche and I have taken their snapshot so you may have a feel of how they look. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see what it looks like. will work for you if you follow everything Chris gives you in the training. Because you know what, if you miss some step it might not work for you. But sooner or later you have to incorporate email marketing to your internet marketing business because that is what REALLY makes the difference. But always the sooner the better. The so called internet marketing gurus are immensely benefiting from this single aspect of internet marketing because your list is your empire you will have for ever.

If you are not satisfied with this product there is a 60 day money back guarantee that you can ask for any reason.  Find out more on HERE.

Cinematic Profits Review | Cinematic Profits Scam or Legit?

March 14th, 2012 No comments is a new product launched on the 13th of March by Phillip Long & Bill McRea which is a product that utilizes a trending buzz in the cinema world to profit from. You know that every month there are a number of movies coming out from Hollywood and as a result millions of people are searching every month to find out more on the coming movie. And this product focuses to get these people searching in Google to find more about coming up movies. The product is a software tool that will do almost all of the work automatically.

Here is what the software does. But first I would like to say that it is an Adobe Air software which works both on PCs and Macs’. In addition to that it is hosted on their server and it will always have the latest version. Below is the picture of the software:

There are different tabs which will do different functions. These are the tabs you will see and their corresponding tasks. Blogs monetizations used to add monetization to your blog, installation used to install your website or blog, hosting here you can choose hosting, domain to search a domain if you do not have one, finding movie trailers to choose trailers from list, dropdown categories to filter categories of movies, search to search individual movies, Support tab which takes you to support and training videos.

This is how Cinematic Profits works, first you insert your domain and give your site a title in the space provided. You will also fill your cpanel account user name and password. Then select your email address and select from the given themes in the drop down menu. Then click on add blog to add the blog in the system or software. Now everything ready to go. So to install you go to install tab and select the previously added blog in the software and click on Install. By then your blog will be installed according to your preferences and the only thing you need to do is update the site periodically because the search for those movies continues even after they are released.

The page you built will be monetized with Adsense or other monetization programs which are available in plenty online. Now this is all about the product and it seems promising as there is low competition on this sector specifically. You can find out more about HERE.