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Paid The Fastest Review

February 29th, 2012 No comments is paid to take offers company and it has proven to pay the moment you want your money in your paypal. Companies like these have been around quite for some time but the problem with other companies is that either they would not pay according to their terms or they do not pay at all. And many have so much limitation like you can only withdraw when your earnings reach a certain amount or certain days interval etc. So many people loose heart dealing with such companies. however is as the name says it fast. You can withdraw your money even if it is 1 dollar. The moment you click on withdraw, you will see it in your paypal account instantly. Now this is interesting.  It seems these guys know exactly what the problem is with those companies. So to participate in this program you are required to signup which is totally free. Any country is accepted however some offers may not be available In your country. Check them specifically.

If you have been trying to make money online and if you fail to make any money whatsoever, then it wouldn’t hurt to give this one a shot. How ever you need to be cautious about trial offers because if you submit your financial information like Credit card you can be charged once the trial offer passes unless you cancel your subscription. Otherwise in my opinion this has some potential to make you some money that you can pay some bills with or buy some stuff.

The other interesting feature of the program is that you can refer people in your link and get paid on those people’s activities that signed up from your referral link. There is also a spinning game that will be available according to the points you earn and that spinning wheel will make you some cash too. To sign up for Paid The Fastest, Click HERE.

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Page One Syndication Review | Page One Syndication Scam Or Legit?

February 27th, 2012 No comments is a new product by Derek Pierce & Anthony Aires that deals with getting traffic from the search engines. The search engines are the most targetted and converting traffic a marketer can ever have. If you have been short of sales then the secret lies mainly on the kind of traffic you are sending to your web page or blog. And this is what this product is all about. It has 8 modules of training videos by the guys that are doing it for themselves.

Now as you login into the members area, You will be wlcomed and introduced to the system in general. You will see how this product will benefit your online marketing efforts. Also you will learn how to make the most out of this system for your own benefit. Then you can go through all the 8 modules step by step to learn the details of

They provide wordpress plugins which are very helpful in your marketing efforts. The first plugin they give is Page One Plugin which can install other 17 plugins to your wordpress site and optimize them with one click. These 17 plugins are useful in optimizing your worpress site in terms of on site optimization and some of them add social capabilities to your site.

The second plugin you will get is called Ready Links which extracts your websites links and makes them ready in an html format with anchor keywords in them. After you export the links the remaining part is copying and pasting that html code where you want to build your links. This plugin as they said was developed to combat missing some URL sections like alphabets when trying to build backlinks.

The Wp comment Ninja plugin takes care of your blogs comments. It takes advantage of peoples comments especially spammers and changes the links in them with the link of your choice. Besides you can block certain comments with some undesirable content like porn or similar. In general this plugin perfectly manages your site’s comment system for your own advantage.

The other plugin is Content Dripper Plugin that drip feeds your WP site in the time frame you give it. You upload your articles to your site then it is the plugin’s job to post those articles in a manner that looks natural to the search engines. Now that the internet is all about content especially text content and this plugin takes care of your pages content like a pro.

Finally they give you access to a place you can get original unique content you may use for your sites. This is a challenge for many marketers because spinners are never perfect to make PLR articles unique and paying others to write for you is expensive. So this content source is very useful in your generating of SE traffic.

In General this product has great value that can increase search engines traffic and lead to success as a result. Page One Syndication was release in warrior forum a while ago for an introductory price and was sold out in a short time. And it has may positive comments there. Find out more on HERE.

Commission Avalanche Review | Commission Avalanche Scam?

February 21st, 2012 No comments

Commission Avalanche (  is a money making product launching today by Kimmy Jim. It is basically an intensive training on making steady money online starting from scratch. As we may be aware of the trend these days of marketers promising to make people rich with a software tool they designed it somewhere in Russia or something. Don’t get me wrong that Softwares are essential in your marketing efforts but only a software can do you no good unless you know what you are doing. Besides there are some stuffs softwares can never do as well as humans eg. spinning an article to make it unique.

So in, now Jimmy has come with an approach that will get results not for a short time but a steady income that will grow as a result of a strategy he teaches in his training material. He has prepared a live bootcamp webinar for ten weeks that will be recorded and saved in the members are so you may go back to it whenever you want. The basic training module have three parts and it will cover all the basic and advanced topics of affiliate marketing. You will also get an accomplice pdf ebook so you may go through it if you choose to read.

There are upgrades which you may take if you want to but it is not absolutely necessary. The  basic training you get with this product is complete by itself that can pave the way to the real money making secrets the elite are using. The upgrades to this product are Automated Avalanche and Traffic Avalanche which you will get inside the members area once you join which means you will not miss them if you avoid upgrading when buying the basic product. Finally if you are not satisfied with the product for ANY reason the Clickbank guarantee for 60 days is proven time and time again that you will get your money back the same day you request it. Find out more on HERE.

Face Book Appsecrets By Patric Chan Review

February 17th, 2012 No comments is a product by Patric Chan that is basically a software product which gives you the opportunity to create your own software to get visibility and sales in Facebook. Many people are intimidated by the thought of developing and maintaining software however the application that comes with is so easy that anyone can develop his own Facebook application within a few minutes.

I hope it is clear for everybody that facebook users are there basically to socialize and play games and if you approach them in their favorite Hobby with a niche product, you will make money. Now that this application can spit out one FB software every 1 hr. So imagine how many you can make in a month. comes with bonuses that will even enhance your performance in generating income from FB applications. One of the bonus ebooks deals with how you can rake in cash in  the software business. The other bonus is Fan page creator software which enables you to create unlimited fanpages. The third one is a manual that clearly explains how to profit with Facebook ads.

Now that we know for sure that if we can design hot on demand software, it will spread like wild fire in Facebook and bring us profits. In this case there is no need of promotion because your app will go virally and will give you all the traffic you want. No need of building websites in this system. Find out more on HERE.