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January 27th, 2012 No comments has just been released by Mike Auton with a software tool that has truly not been released before. This product uses Amazon and Clickbank affiliate programs to make fast money online. At first I thought this was quite similar to garbage products we see coming these days. However when I see what it is about, I was totally blown away. With this incredible product Mike is hitting the affiliate world with a big bang.

This is how works. There is a search space in the software called Amazon domination. You enter a keyword related to a product in Amazon. Then it finds best sellers of that product in Amazon. After that you select one of the products listed and enter your Amazon affiliate id in the space provided. When you click to submit, it gives you html codes of a review page of that product with killer template.

Now you copy that code and paste it in Facebook notes application. There you have a complete review site of that amazon product you choose. The authority of Facebook gives your page higher ranking and it will result in search engines traffic which leads to sales. Now you may have seen some facebook pages in the first page results of Google and you wonder how that happened. Then this killer software is going to give you exactly that.

Now many companies including Amazon itself are promoting their stuff in Facebook because it has ranking power and credibility. It is the right time to make use of this big opportunity ever. We know how fast things change in the internet world and it is good to seize opportunities when we are sure that they have real value. Find out more on HERE.


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Massive Traffic Ultimatum review | massive traffic ultimatum Scam?

January 11th, 2012 No comments has just been released by Dc fawcett who has made his fortune in the real estate business. He has also been making money with the popular affiliate programs like Clickbank and others. Massive traffic Ultimatum comes with a software tool that will automate the process of making money online. The software is web based and it works on every pc or laptop available on market including Mac.

Now what the software does is that it hunts down profitable markets for you and delivers traffic to those products you want to sell. This product uses paid advertising and it works in such a way that you drive the highly targeted traffic to your site, you build your list and you market to your list. This is the basic idea of Massive Traffic Ultimatum. The paid traffic sources are CPV based and the creator reveals his secrets to get the maximum traffic from these sources.

For some people paid advertising is not a thing they try to consider thinking the amount of money to be spent. But the fact of the matter is that free traffic from the search engines or social medias is really very tough to get. Marketers involved in these areas know that it is really tough. If anyone has the money, paid advertising is the way to go which cuts the time and gets results fast. Find out more on HERE.

Marketing With Anik Review | Marketing With Anik Scam?

January 11th, 2012 No comments has just launched today by Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim. Marketing with Anik is a complete training that is going to be held within 15 weeks and Anik is also giving away some of his past products for free here. Anik has made a fortune online. His company is even in the fortune 500 list of companies. He explains how he got there in the Empire Formula that is included for very less in this training.

Now that internet marketing is big opportunity for anybody but it is also one of the toughest opportunities out there. This is because there is a big noise around the net that you will soon loose control on which one to follow. It can be devastating to make even a single sale online. But that is until you learn what works. After you find out what works and stick to that avoiding the noise, you will increase your income exponentially. Mentors like Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim are the guys to look forward for a working strategies.

Marketing with Anik comes with training on proven to work principles and with tools that will ease the process. In the course included are which products you need to choose to sell easily online, driving traffic to your site, creating killer affiliate site and list building. Creating your own product is also included. This is just the basic training and there are a number of courses on other subjects that are essential in achieving success online. Find out more on HERE.

Imnicamail Review | Basic Imnica mail Setup

January 10th, 2012 No comments

As I was trying to build my list for the first time ever, I made research on autorespondes by Googling the net. I found many information on these autoresponders. But as I was intending to have a simple solution to my demand, I chose This is not to say that imnica is any inferior to those of the big players in the field. But I chose it for its low cost but good reputation.

 The creators of this autoresponder are fellow internet marketers who are also members of warrior forum. And as I go for it with a trial membership for 1 bucks, i found it a little confusing as to how I set up the basic list settings. This was what I wanted to do.

1. Generate optin form and paste it in my blog. This one I did it by myself. What bothered me here was that their default form has one space for email only. After some trying, I found out that I can add as many dashes to the forms as I want in the options.

2. Edit confiramtion email so I may customize it the way I want. Now this one and the next questions I have to ask support because I couldn’t figure out how those changes are accomplished.

3. I want to set up an email that will go as soon as subscribers confirm their subscription.

4. How I can set up consequitive autoresponder emails.

Now I will post the response of support “as is” below as they said it better in few words.

1. You can create a confirmation email right when you create your list.

To edit the confirmation email, simply go to Lists > ListName > Settings > Edit Confirmation Email

I’ll combine the two other questions.

To set up autoresponder messages, go to Lists > ListName > Autoresponders > Create Autoresponder Message

To send an email right after they confirm their subscription, simply select Immediately Upon Subscription for the sending time.

Hope this helps 🙂
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Sagar Mehta

If this has been your question as me, I hope you got your answers. Now implement these basic steps to make proper use of