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How to edit your page without any software – edit even the source code

December 7th, 2011 No comments

If you are new to website creation or the internet, dealing with sites can be a little embarrassing. Of course thanks to visual editors or those web applications that allow you to edit with a drag and drop interface. But there comes a time when you want to edit just one like in the page or you want to test some script in a page. Then having this simple knowledge will help.

First and foremost it is good to know that you can view the source code of any page. Likewise you can create any page from any text just with a notepad. To view the source code of  any page, just as the page is opened in a browser, click on VIEW and then SOURCE. The source will be opened in a notepad or similar application. To create a page from notepad, open a blank notepad and paste any text (can be an article or paragraph). Then save that notepad with any name you want and .html extension. To do this click on FILE then SAVE AS in notepad. In the name space which originally has this (*.txt) characters, type name of your choice +.html. And save the notepad. The moment this file is saved it will have a Internet explorer icon. But if you do not add .html, it will remain a text file.

Now if you want to change any link in any page right click on the link and click on COPY SHORTCUT. Next open the source code of that page in notepad and click on EDIT then on FIND. In the space paste that link info you copied before and click on FIND NEXT. This feature in notepad finds the link from all the html code. Then carefully replace or change with the link you want and save the notepad document. Then if you open that webpage again, it will have the link you want in that place.

To be Continued…..