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Reseting wordpress site (blog) to default | Deleting all posts

November 27th, 2011 No comments

If you have been using an autoblog software like autoblogbuddy or push button cash site, you will soon recognize that your blog or your wordpress website will be a mess after sometime. Sometimes you may even get duplicate of posts. Then if you want to reset your WP site the way it was when it was first created, then there is no way you can achieve that manually because the autoblog plugin will post a hell of content on your site.

Even if you want to delete posts or pages with a “bulk delete” plugin, it will still be a ton of work before you make it fresh again. In my case I tried to do it manually and also with the help of bulk delete plugin and guess what? I just scratched the surface because there is a ton of content to be deleted. I searched many times on the net to get information on how to make my WP website like a brand new without any post whatsoever. However, I couldn’t get any solution. Then I left the whole idea of dealing with this stuff.

This is the reason I wanted to reset my website. As you know it, autoblogging softwares post contents to your pages and those contents most often are duplicate contents and your site can not generate search engines traffic as the search engines hate duplicate content. That is why no matter I may have thousands of posts; I only get 2 or 3 visitors per day. Sometimes even ZERO traffic. So I wanted to change the status of my site by deleting all posts and start all over again by posting unique articles to my blog.

But don’t get me wrong that autoblogs do not work. They do work especially if you are not driving Search Engines traffic. For eg you can use them for social media promotion or PPC. But they can even work in the search engines traffic generation if you are good at spinning those articles posted in your blog to make them unique. I think in this, Autoblogbuddy is nice because it has the ability to translate the content into two languages. Eg from English toRussiathen back to English. This way you may get unique contents for your site. The creators of autoblog buddy have recently released advanced system to getting free search engines traffic @

Any way my intention for the resetting of my site was, so that I can start all over again like a new website. Then one day as I was searching again, I found some site talking about this matter in the wordpress forum. The discussion was about dealing with MYSQL database of your site which is too technical for me. Then when I searched again, I found one plugin some guy created for this purpose. Its name is WP suicide. I downloaded it from that site and after activating, I accessed it in the tools section of my WP dashboard. Then I checked the settings and clicked once. It gave me warning I checked it to continue. Then after the process finished I checked my site. It was a brand new one! I gave big thanks for that one guy who created that plugin.

And as the name indicates, it will delete everything in your WP site so you should do it cautiously. If you have anything you want in your site, you may want to back up before you start the process. But WP suicide will give exactly that – a brand new WP site. The creator of the plugin also have created another plugin where you will have an option to select which ones will be deleted and which ones not. You may check all about the plugins in his site here. I hope this helps someone. If you have any idea you may comment below.



One little SEO tip for beginners.

November 22nd, 2011 No comments

Search engines optimization (SEO) is essential to increase the free traffic you will get from the search engines. But most of the time getting traffic from the search engines is really tough due to fierce competition. And it asks you to do lots of things to your site if your site is supposed to rank for some relevant keywords. There are companies that do only this for other sites and they ask a lot of money for their service. If it works then no problem paying the fee because at the end of the day your site if going to get free search engines traffic. But the problem is that the search engines change their ranking algorithm many times in a year and there can be no company that gives you the guarantee that your site remains in the top no matter what. 

No I do not want to give any other method of optimizations. In fact no optimization is needed to get traffic from the search engines in the idea I will give you here. Simple. Just watch what sites rank higher in the search engines for some keywords. Then if one or some of those sites accept articles, then write a keyword rich article and submit it. You shall have a 1st page ranking article. The principle is simple I think. Those pages are not in the top for no reason. They in the top because they are highly optimized for the search engines. So if you submit your article on such sites (i.e if they accept article) then your article will also appear first page. Now not everything is 100% accurate or guaranteed but this is what I watched and I used. 

Let me try to illustrate this. Say if you make search with the keyword “fast cash commissions review”, then you will see search results from, and as of this article’s writing. Then when you want to promote any product, write review article and submit to one or all of these article directories. Most of the time you do not need backlinks, if you think you need backlinks, just bookmark the article’s URL in social bookmarking sites. That is all needed. That will drive free traffic to your pages. 

I just gave an example but keep in mind that there are a number of sites that rank high and accept articles. So whenever you check out keywords, keep in mind to look for such sites and when you get them, save their url’s in notepad or bookmark them for later use. That’s all guys.

How to create banners from web pages using microsoft paint

November 20th, 2011 No comments

Sometimes you may want to promote some product but you couldn’t get the banner or there is no banner presented by the vendor. Then this is what I usually do. I open the page in internet explorer or firefox. Then I will press the print screen key in the keyboard. Or if it is in a laptop, you may need to press two keys like the key Fn plus another. The print screen key will copy the visible part of the page. Then open paint in Microsoft which is found at All programs >> accessories >> paint. And paste it there by right clicking in the empty space within the paint interface and click on paste from the drop down menu. Or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + v to paste in the empty space. 

After you paste it, click on the selection tab and select the visually interesting area by left clicking and dragging. After you select the area you want, right click on it and click on Cut from the drop down menu. Then go to file and click on new. It may ask you to save your previous work but ignore that. After the new window opens, make the empty white area as small as possible by holding the left click and dragging at the corners. Then right click on the minimized white space and click on paste. There you have your banner.

What we need to remember is that when selecting the visually interesting area, is that we need to approximate the pixel or ideal banners like 640X480…

This is the very system I use to get banners when one product do not have one. If they have, then nice. But if they do not have you may use what is outlined here to create a simple banner. Best wishes in life.

How to gengrate Search engines traffic easily.

November 10th, 2011 3 comments

If you are not thinking of getting free traffic from the search engines, you are loosing on a possible traffic source that is highly targeted. But as we all know it generating SE traffic is not easy. But is there a simpler way of doing it? There should be. Now as the search engines are in favor of content especially articles, we focus on generating traffic by writing articles. I read a post on this system and as I tried it, I found it working and so am I writing this short article. 

First we need to choose anything that we may be interested in and then have a domain name that have a keyword of the subject matter we want to write bout. For eg. If we write about Guitars then the domain need to have guitar in it like or similar like that. It is good to have a subject you are interested in. That way you can write the articles easily. Or the other way of getting articles is by letting someone write it for you. You can get multiple places on the net that will do that. Eg.

 Now make it a habit to write at least 3 articles about that subject every week. Before you know it, your page is full of articles and those articles are unique as they are written by you from your own mind. Even if you get the idea from another article, if you rewrite it then it will be unique which the search engines like. But whatever you do please do not copy paste any article whatsoever. Because no search engine favor that. Keep on writing articles as long as needed. As more articles get posted, the search engines index your pages faster which is an advantage for your site because, you will get a chance of getiing visitors faster.   

In the process keep building your backlinks. Nothing as blasting your links to some network but leave your URL in any post you make some other places. For example if you find an article on some subject and read it you can leave your comment at the last part if the site accepts comments. As you comment leave your site’s URL in the space provided. That way you can build back links and your site’s rank will increase through time. 

This way you can build SE traffic and if you like build your email list from the visitors that come to your site or blog. Now if you find this article helpful pls give your comment.